AWS Basic Support

AWS Basic Support Services

AWS has come up to offer such a high number of services that it can be extremely confusing for businesses to determine which are the ones that would serve them the best or they need the most. Be it security, management tools, computing, database, storage, migration, compliance, identity, content delivery, network, or a number of other domain categories; you can find an AWS service that offers functionalities to serve in each of these areas. When it comes to identifying the AWS services that are used most extensively and widely across the globe, the task can be a fairly difficult one. However, Cloud Computing Technologies took on this seemingly impossible task and, with a lot of research and study, picked out the AWS services for you that are most widely used for helping to ensure a standout infrastructure and assisting in the migration of the database or applications to the cloud.

The Top Ten Most Widely Used AWS Services

These services that AWS offers have not just reached the milestone of being popular among users and organizations but are truly very beneficial in their offerings. Each of these comes with a unique set of features and different functionalities that are specially designed to serve specific business needs. Some are highly efficient in reducing operational costs, while some enhance the security, storage, or automation capabilities. Let us look at each of them in detail, along with the benefits it offers to a business:

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud offers computing capacity within the cloud that is resizeable. This web service is carefully crafted to efficiently serve the function of enabling developers to make computing that is web-scale, easy, and smooth. The service has a highly simple web service interface that enhances configuration as well as obtainment capacities by mitigating different kinds of commonly occurring frictions that can hinder the processes. Not only that, but it also equips its users with the ability to completely and efficiently control and manage each of their computing resources along with letting them run on the computing environment of Amazon that is well-proven.
Furthermore, the users can not only contain but boot new instances of the server within a matter of minutes with the help of Amazon EC2. This reduction in the required time for carrying out these processes allows the users to scale up as well as scale down the capacity, as per the changes in the requirements of computing, in a speedy manner. Amazon EC2 is ideal for today’s dynamic environment as businesses only want to pay for the amount of a service they utilize. The service allows just that by changing the computing economics in a positive way and letting you pay for only the capacity that you actually leverage and benefit from. It also offers a huge number of effective resources and efficient tools to developers to assist them in building applications that are failure resilient as they have the ability to isolate themselves from threats and failure scenarios that commonly arise.
What is even more is that Amazon EC2 allows you to develop customized virtual machines that you can design according to the needs, requirements, goals, and objectives of your business. These virtual machines rid you of the need to make huge investments in highly expensive physical services and allow you to better manage your storage, security, ports, and other features of your server. This saves a significant amount of time that you would spend on the maintenance of your servers and enables you to leverage that saved time on the business’s strategic and value-adding projects. For these reasons and more, the popularity of Amazon EC2 and the pace at which its adoption is rising is unmatched even among the different services of AWS.

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Benefits of Amazon EC2

  • Elastic web-scale computing
  • Complete and efficient control
  • Flexibility for cloud hosting services
  • Compatibility with other Amazon Web Services
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Cost efficiency

Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) is a service that is programmed to render your infrastructure way more user-friendly than it is without it. The creation of dedicated databases is a task that can be managed and completed in minutes with the help of Amazon RDS. The dedicated instances developed through the service have the capacity to efficiently support PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon Aurora, Oracle, SQL, SQL Server, and several other database engines. Not to mention, creating these instances and maintenance of database servers are processes that take up hours of a team’s time. However, by letting Amazon RDS manage and perform the work for you, that time can be easily saved.
What is more, is that Amazon RDS radically transforms the economics associated with a tech startup by offering definite benefits for database developers. Existing commercial licenses can be leveraged for using Amazon RDS as well. Amazon RDS has a feature known as MultiAZ that efficiently takes up the SLA up-time to 99.95%. When you enable this feature in a production database, each database will be replicated and added to another zone by AWS. The replicas are standby and synchronous. This mitigates all threats of data loss as the original database as well as its replica are always in sync.
You will also get a DNS (domain name server) that you can use to easily access RDS. This means that if for some rare reason, the master database instance faces downtime, the master DNS will be automatically changed to its replica to keep offering you high availability. This is achieved by an automatic failover mechanism that RDS is equipped with. Keep in mind that only reliable AWS support technology companies, like Cloud Computing Technologies, will give you a DNS for RDS accessibility, providing you with the benefits associated with it.
It is only with experienced, specialized, and expert support from a reliable and credible technology company that you will be able to extract the optimal potential and benefits from any of the AWS services available in the market. CCT is a tech giant that is efficiently serving thousands of companies and businesses with their cloud and other technological endeavors to their utmost satisfaction and contention. The operations of CCT are managed and performed by highly experienced and specialized IT industry professionals who deeply understand the intricacies and even the minutest of functionalities of all AWS services. They can evaluate and analyze the needs, requirements, aims, goals, and objectives of your business to allow you to leverage each service in the best possible manner to support those requirements and goals. So, if you want to achieve the targets that you have set for your business and make sure that you achieve more value out of your AWS services than you pay for, why not get AWS basic support from Cloud Computing Technologies today at the best market price?
Furthermore, Amazon RDS allows businesses to scale vertically as well as horizontally according to their needs. It also offers PIOPS or Provisioned IPOS that is perfect for OLTP (online transaction processing). The more the amount of your set up IOPS, the more the increase of your concurrent request processes. This reduces latency and gives way to increased throughput. Amazon RDS also provides its users the ability to take point-in-time snapshots as well as offers them automated backup. It captures all updates to the RDS database and the transaction logs.

Benefits of Amazon RDS

  • Availability
  • Scalability (Vertical or scaling up + Horizontal or scaling out)
  • Performance
  • Backup (Automated backup + Point in time snapshots)
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Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

The businesses of today operate in the age of incessant data deluge or big data. It requires organizations to have the capability of storing huge amounts of data, and Amazon S3 or Simple Storage Service is ideal for this purpose. It is a file storage service that is extremely secure, and businesses can save their redundant files easily on it. What is more, is that it stores your data across three different data centers within the same locality for security purposes. Amazon S3 prevents breaches through integrations as well with FedRAMP, HIPAA/HITECH, and PCI-DSS. With extremely close to zero latency, you can benefit from considerable data flexibility.
When you create Amazon S3 buckets, you can only use them with respect to their creation identity, with the exception of IAM policy grants. However, you can associate each identity access management or IAM bucket or file with specific permissions for access, providing you with complete control over who can frequently access the data from where and by what way. This mitigates the threat of unauthorized data access. The data storage infrastructure leveraged by Amazon to manage its global website network is highly inexpensive, fast, reliable, flexible, and scalable. You can get the same service access with Amazon S3, which has an availability rate of 99.99%.
The cost of Amazon S3 is very low, and you only bear the expenses of the exact data that you utilize. Furthermore, policies for data migration can be defined in an autonomous manner, further reducing the costs. Glacier command-line interface, S3 command-line interface, and sync are options that you can opt for carrying out your data migration to the cloud. All these options are cost-efficient, and the process of transfer (both in and out of Amazon S3) is extremely simple. You also have the option to export or import data to any network or physical device. The service has a web interface that is extremely user-friendly, and management of data transfer, optimization of storage classes, and maintenance of security, which are usually very difficult tasks, can be carried out in suitable and easy regard.
The Amazon S3 inventory is configurable, and users can define their own rules for replication. There is also the option to design your own lifecycle policy, and storage classes analysis and request metrics can be configured through multiple filters to gain a better view of your storage.

Benefits of Amazon S3

  • Reliable Security
  • All-time Availability
  • Very low cost
  • Ease of Migration
  • The Simplicity of Management

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Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront has the ability to efficiently and quickly deliver content to the end-users as it serves as a CDN (Global Content Delivery Service). It also improves access to data that is present in the cloud and enhances the speed of a website. When you employ the service, your web loading speeds improve in a considerable manner, and the service can pull static files of the website from different data centers across the globe to present to you.
You can use CloudFront to make multiple APIs, applications, videos, and data available to viewers and end-users at transfer rates that are high and have low latency. The service has a pay-as-you-go model for its pricing and leverages tools, such as SDKs, CLIs, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Management Console, and APIs for management. The service is highly secure and features automated protection that matches the standards that AWS shield holds. The service can also be integrated with AWS Shield Advanced and AWS WAF in a seamless manner that enhances its ability to protect your applications from DDoS attacks and other several refined threats.
All the processes of the Amazon CloudFront, along with its infrastructure, are fully compliant with regulations, standards, and frameworks laid out by ISO, HIPAA, DSS, and PCI. This allows your sensitive and confidential data and information to be delivered securely and safely. It features autonomous enabling of advanced SSL options while you deliver the applications or secure APIs through SSL/TLS. ACM or AWS Certificate Manager can be used to generate custom and multiple SSL certificates. These certificates can be generated as and when needed and deployed to the CloudFront distributions without the need of making additional expenses.
Certificate renewal is something that Amazon CloudFront manages mechanically as well. It also features a routing predicate that is intelligent and gathers latency levels from different standard websites across the world. The service also accelerates the end-to-end content delivery by directly connecting with several ISPs belonging to multiple end-users to assist the AWS backbone network. Amazon CloudFront is compatible or rather optimized and deeply integrated to work with Amazon Route fifty-three, Elastic Load equalization, Amazon EC2 (Elastic work out Cloud), Amazon S3 (Amazon straightforward Storage Service), and several other popular AWS services at the same time. This integration helps the DNS resolution of applications that CloudFront delivers by speeding up the process.

Benefits of Amazon CloudFront

  • Security to the content
  • Integrating network
  • Great performance
  • Programmable CDN
  • Great economics
  • Deep integration with major services of AWS

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Amazon VPC

The only way to protect your IT infrastructure by isolating it from exposure is with the help of Amazon VPC. The service performs this function by creating a virtual network that is private and has closed accessibility towards all the systems and individuals that do not have the proper authority to access it. The AWC console for management allows you to create VPC quickly and effectively, along with equipping you with the ability to create subnets, IP ranges, security groups, and route tables. With Amazon VPC, you also gain a set of features, like control lists for network access and more, that offer advanced security. That is not all, as you can enhance the security even more by creating isolated dedicated instances that are far and protected from all your other AWS accounts through being singled out at the hardware level.
Your virtual network present on the cloud can be rendered extremely secure with different benefit offerings of Amazon VPC. You can also opt for resources as per your business needs and scale them with efficient levels of security and reliability. You can connect VPC to several different tools and resources, including other VPCs present in other AWS accounts, VPCs present within your own AWS account, a data center that you may have on-premise, or the internet. As soon as you connect your VPC to a resource, the option of making it inaccessible or accessible from outside the VPC becomes available to you that you can leverage as per your needs.
You can launch your instances present in your VOC in a publicly accessible subnet, also called a public subnet, to allow them to directly connect with the internet. This enables the instances to directly receive as well as send data from and to the internet. Furthermore, you can direct the traffic to its appropriate destination by configuring route tables in your VPC. Amazon VPC also has network ACLS and firewalls that are instance-level, which you can call security groups. They serve as a subnet-level firewall and can be configured to modify or control the rules for VPC subnets and instances’ outgoing and incoming traffic.

Benefits of Amazon VPC

  • Enhanced security
  • Ease of use
  • Multiple connectivity options

Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS is a service that acts as a computing hub that is event-driven and serves the functionality of alerting subscriber services for responding in a specific manner and autonomously in case of different kinds of triggers. It can be configured to perform different tasks, and it can also send alerts to different users regardless of the platform. The service can be integrated with Python, Node, PHP, and more. This publishing and subscription management is also known as pub/sub and allows for communications between different systems that are not linked directly.
SNS offers scalability as you can increase the number of messages, subscribers, and publishers. This scaling can be performed without the need to modify or enhance the infrastructure. SNS is also super easy to set up as it is a fully managed service. It offers an HTTP API that complies with all the API standards, making the initial ramp-up seamless as well. This allows for a faster path to a solution that is fully implemented or to a proof of concept application.
Furthermore, Amazon SNS supports SMS messages, email addresses, HTTP or HTTPS endpoints, mobile push notifications, AWS SQS notifications, and AWS Lambda. Almost all the use cases are covered with these format types, and the need for writing a custom code for subscriber implementation is mitigated. Whenever a message, notification, or alert gets published, you can run a Lambda function to avail a huge number of significant workflows which can process the data present in the notifications and can react to them from other systems.

Benefits of Amazon SNS

  • Scalability
  • Ease of setup
  • Support for multiple notification formats
  • Integration with AWS Lambda

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Amazon Beanstalk

AWS Beanstalk is a service that is specifically designed to serve developers in their endeavors of managing their website infrastructures. Switching to maintenance from development is not easy and requires time and effort. However, with the autoscaling that AWS Beanstalk provides to developers, new software can be updated automatically. The service not only automates the configuration and the setup, but the provisioning of different AWS services, for instance, S3, RDS, and EC2 as well. This makes it a huge timesaver that also offers the functionality of mitigating the risks of human errors.
Deploying applications on AWS is rendered easy and seamless with the help of Eclipse, Visual Studio, or AWS Management Console. AWS Beanstalk autonomously handles the details of the deployments as well as application health monitoring and capacity provisioning. The service also keeps in check autoscaling and presents to you an easy-to-use application within no time. The coder does not have to perform any work on the infrastructure or configuration of any of the resources. Furthermore, it offers autoscaling settings that are adjustable so that the application can be scaled automatically. This minimizes the cost and enables your application to manage traffic and workload peaks. It allows you to control resources and tools and supports Go, Ruby, Python, Node.js, PHP, .NET, Java, and several other web applications.

Benefits of Amazon Beanstalk

  • Scaling the demand
  • Flexibility and ease of initiation
  • Control over resources and tools
  • Provision of productivity

Amazon Lambda

It is common for businesses to have a server infrastructure that is not fit enough to support the dynamic demands that the speed of their growth inflicts upon it. AWS Lambda has the capacity to support development load easily and effectively. The service ensures that the server or application does not get overloaded with requests by upgrading the capacity and scaling the server as per the need. It performs the process in an agile manner and is fully autonomous, so you do not have to put in any effort while it performs the task. It also has a pay-as-you-go pricing model and rounds up the utilized server time to 100 milliseconds, which is way better than most of the cloud providers that do so to the nearest hour. You can leverage the service for optimizing your daily tasks, automating notifications, processing S3 objects, or creating automated chatbots. It also allows for quick iterative development, less operational management, and consolidated functionality.

Benefits of AWS Lambda

  • Automatic scalability
  • Minimized cost
  • Various use cases
  • Quicker iterative development
  • Less operational management
  • Consolidated functionality

Amazon Autoscaling

AWS Autoscaling is efficient in managing huge magnitudes of incoming traffics. It offers EC2 instances that are perfect in volume for predictive scaling, and it also uses machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and determine traffic changes and autonomously adjusts itself accordingly. It features unified scaling and automatic resource discovery and allows you to manage Amazon EC2, EC2 Spot Fleets, ECS, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Aurora. The service comes fully managed and is integrated with smart scaling strategies as well as policies. It reduces performance costs and allows you to accomplish better management pertaining to costs and availability.

Benefits of AWS Autoscaling

  • Quick scaling setup
  • Smart scaling decisions, policies, and strategies
  • Autonomous performance maintenance
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing and cost reduction

Amazon IAM

AWS IAM or Identity and Access Management is a service that fortifies and protects AWS resources as well as confidential business data. It is compatible with MFA and 2FA and can enhance your security capabilities in a considerable amount. It has a granular approach and equips you with efficient authentication and authorization capabilities. With AWS IAM, your SysOps and SecOps teams will be able to have a strong foundation that consequently enables a seamless transition.

Benefits of AWS IAM

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Permissions are fine-grained
  • Provision of shared access to AWS accounts
  • Control for AWS accounts
  • Identity federation

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Amazon AWS Basic Support with Cloud Computing Technologies

Cloud Computing Technologies provides expert and specialized support for all the above-mentioned AWS services. The AWS basic support plan that CCT offers is is something that you cannot go wrong with. The technology giant is a public sector partner of Amazon Web Services and holds great insight into the intricacies and each and every feature of its services. You can hire them to transfer this expertise to your business to reduce costs, increase profitability, make your operations and business activities proficient and seamless, and gain access to several beneficial and useful tools and resources.
The AWS basic support plan of CCT is ideal for businesses and organizations that are either testing or experimenting in AWS or have production workloads in AWS. CCT will offer you a full set of AWS trusted advisor best practice checks and enhanced technical support through access to their specialized and expert cloud support engineers through chat, email, and phone. You will also get unlimited contacts and unlimited cases with prompt and prioritized responses. Your business will also benefit from general guidance and support in the case of system impairment or production system impairment. Not only that, but CCT will also offer you architectural guidance that is precisely contextual to your use cases.
Some other offerings that come with the AWS basic support plan of Cloud Computing Technology include:
  • Programmatic case management
  • Third-party software support (includes troubleshooting, configuration guidance, and interoperability)
  • Proactive self-service and programs
  • Access to infrastructure event management
  • Access to support automation workflows
The plan has a current price tag of $800 per month, which is a cost that could be the difference between your business generating a lot of revenue and a not-so-impressive revenue. Cloud Computing Technologies is certified to offer specialized and expert support services. If your organization has up to 10 AWS instances, and you are seeking support services for AWS services that offer guaranteed results, the AWS services basic plan is your go-to resort. It is also perfect for all businesses and organizations operating in any sector or industry that are medium or small-sized and do not have a technical support team that is dedicated to the cause.
CCT, with its AWS service support, can swiftly enable you to develop as well as handle your AWS instances in a highly efficient manner regardless of the technical expertise level that you possess. With useful interactions with industry experts, you will be able to streamline the use of AWS services to reap the maximum potential benefits from them for your business. The service level agreement response time that CCT offers is 120 minutes from the point in time of first contact, but the company’s customer service exceeds it, and you will find a team of experts looking into the issue you direct their way as soon as you do. Rest assured that Cloud Computing Technologies will set up, maintain, and support you in the use of AWS services and instances in the best possible manner.
Cloud Computing Technologies has successfully served and currently serves a huge number of government and federal level agencies and companies. The company is a technology giant that has high-end and top-of-the-shelf expertise when it comes to cloud security and migration, DevOps, microservices, AWS services, and several other domains. It masters in maintaining, building, and designing applications and efficiently strategizing and planning their use with respect to the goals, targets, aspirations, needs, and requirements of different businesses. It has a team of industry specialists and experts that are highly experienced and successful in their respective fields.
For any questions, queries, concerns, or insights related to anything about the AWS support plans that Cloud Computing Technologies offer, get in touch with CCT now. To receive guidance regarding optimization of your AWS services and the best in class support and assistance in your journey with AWS, order the AWS Basic Support Plan, and sit back and watch CCT efficiently plan, design, implement, and maintain all your AWS cloud workloads. Check out the AWS Standard Support Plan as well as the AWS Premium Support Plan that Cloud Computing Technologies offers if the basic one is not in line with your business AWS needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

AWS Basic Support is a foundational level of support provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to all customers at no additional cost. It includes access to AWS documentation, whitepapers, and best practices, as well as 24/7 access to customer service via email for account and billing inquiries. Additionally, AWS Basic Support offers access to the AWS Trusted Advisor tool, which provides recommendations for cost optimization, performance improvement, security enhancements, and fault tolerance based on AWS best practices.
AWS Basic Support covers general guidance and assistance related to AWS services, account management, billing inquiries, and service health notifications. It also includes assistance with basic usage and configuration questions, as well as access to AWS Trusted Advisor checks for cost optimization, performance improvement, security, and fault tolerance. However, AWS Basic Support does not include support for architectural guidance, application development, or operational troubleshooting.
AWS Basic Support provides a response time of 12-24 hours for general guidance and assistance inquiries submitted via email. While AWS strives to respond as quickly as possible, response times may vary based on the volume of inquiries and the complexity of the request. Additionally, AWS Basic Support does not include any service level agreements (SLAs) for response or resolution times, as it is intended to provide foundational support and guidance rather than mission-critical support.
Yes, businesses have the option to upgrade from AWS Basic Support to a higher support tier, such as AWS Developer Support, AWS Business Support, or AWS Enterprise Support, to access additional benefits and features. Higher support tiers offer varying levels of support, including faster response times, 24/7 phone support, architectural guidance, and access to AWS Technical Account Managers (TAMs). Businesses can choose the support tier that best aligns with their needs and budget, and upgrade or downgrade their support plan as needed.
Businesses can access AWS Basic Support by signing up for an AWS account and activating Basic Support in the AWS Management Console. Once activated, businesses can access support resources, documentation, and the AWS Trusted Advisor tool through the AWS Support Center. Additionally, businesses can submit inquiries and questions via email to AWS support, and utilize the resources and guidance provided to optimize their use of AWS services, improve cost efficiency, and enhance overall performance and security.