Cloud Based Mobile Office For Construction Teams

Cloud Based Mobile Office For Construction Teams

For the last few years, mobile equipment and devices have been revolutionizing several industries, including the construction industry. Major assistance they have been providing to the industry to help it evolve is cloud-based construction management storage. The construction companies that opt for this advanced and modern cloud technology are able to manage their projects effectively and efficiently in the cloud. We can surely say that cloud for construction teams enhances their productivity, not only by giving them more control over their operations, but improving the agility of the activities, they perform on their job site as well.
A cloud-based construction platform or a mobile office for construction teams enables you to perform a number of management operations remotely. You can communicate, collaborate, or guide your construction teams while you are far away on vacation or attending a conference. Furthermore, you can equip your contractors with the ability to bid on projects while they stay at home or from other cities or even countries. All this mobile communication, which was not possible until a few years ago, is now at the fingertips of construction companies, thanks to the cloud.
It is not a technology that has not yet fully discovered itself or is in the early stages of evolution. Most of the construction companies in the United States have already realized the potential of the benefits they can extract out of mobile cloud solutions and are utilizing them to at least some extent. According to extensive and highly credible research performed by the General Contractors of America, it was found that out of all the construction contractors operating in the market, 82% of them are using the cloud for their project management tasks. It is only some of them that are fully utilizing their potential, but they have taken the first step of the ladder. The same survey suggests that only 10% out of the 82% are leveraging the full scope of the cloud for construction teams. As a component of the construction industry, it is crucial to establish a deep and comprehensive understanding of the capabilities and offerings of the cloud for project management. No matter what stage you are at right now, whether you have never leveraged the cloud for any of your operations or used it to a good extent, the full potential of the cloud can provide your company with a competitive edge in the market.
In this article, we will discuss what cloud computing is and how it can help corporations operating in the construction industry through better project management, virtual desktops, and other mobile cloud solutions. Developing a system of mobile offices for construction teams can take your construction business to unprecedented heights.

What is Mobile Cloud Computing?

Mobile cloud computing helps the project management of construction companies be more secure and cost-efficient on and off the field. The current IT cloud operation for construction is flexible and enhances mobility across the activity locations. The inherent delays in construction are reduced, and the effects of events that cannot be predicted or controlled, such as legal red tape or weather, can be diminished.
Mobile cloud computing enables construction companies to be more organized and systematic in their operations and processes. They can synchronize their supporting cloud applications with the information, such as timelines of different activities and deliveries, about their project. Furthermore, a mobile office for construction teams allows for real-time collaboration and communication during project task deliverables and timesheets. Through the use of virtual desktops, the operations become smoother and more agile, while cloud-based software enables construction teams to transmit and access streamlined information, analytics, and data between the field site and the home office.
Covid-19 pandemic made it crystal clear to even the most skeptical construction industry members that comprehensive cloud-first technologies, transition, and strategies are the only way to ensure a sustainable and resolute future of the industry. The year 2020 made it almost impossible for construction companies to operate in remote construction sites while maintaining a competitive advantage in the market without the use of cloud technology. It proved to be the best way to conduct operations, activities, and the overall business.

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What Is a Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution?

Enterprise Resource Planning is a kind of software that allows construction companies to manage all the aspects, such as field operations, project management, and financial activities, etc., of their projects. When you leverage an ERP, it helps you with several components, including sticking to deadlines and employing stronger, more efficient, and more effective human resources tools. An ERP not only assists HR with improved tracking data but compliance and fulfilling their liabilities pertaining to the employees as well. In short, an Enterprise Planning Solution equips all the spheres of a project with the ability to make sure that all deliverables are made on time and accurately.
A strategic cloud ERP system receives input pertaining to not just the benefits and costs, but the values of a construction company as well and processes and evaluates it to provide it with an analysis that lets the decision-makers of the company chart its competitive roadmap and devise and craft custom strategies that tend to the unique needs of the project and add to its success. As soon as a construction company aligns the vision and roadmap of its business with a cloud-based ERP solution, it is able to integrate its business objectives, goals, and targets in a seamless manner.

The output of this effort comes in the shape of transformation that is based on the cloud and offers you enhanced ways to better manage and control your data, services, and applications. The advanced IT mobile cloud solutions allow operation managers to achieve more in much less time.

The Benefits of Cloud Based Mobile Office for Construction Teams

Construction teams and companies can leverage mobile cloud computing technologies and solutions to enjoy several different kinds of benefits. The users, teams, project managers, on-field individuals, clients, and other stakeholders can all share and receive information, data, and analytics from and in different areas remotely. By single-point storage of all the files related to the project and allowing everyone accesses to it through their mobile phones or other internet-connected devices, the project can be run and handled in a much smoother manner. All the plans, strategies, deadlines, updates, and changes will be at the fingertips of everyone involved in the project at all times and in real-time. This enables all members to perform their responsibilities and tasks in an efficient, effective, and timely manner.
Construction teams can benefit from a cloud base mobile office in a ton of ways. Let us take a look at them in detail:

Enhanced Accessibility

Construction teams, as well as individuals responsible for managing the project, can enjoy complete access to the files stored on their cloud from virtually anywhere. They can access images, videos, documents, and applications, etc., from the location of the client, workspace, home, or the construction site. All kinds of data and information can be shared across the project’s stakeholders, including the client, in real-time.

Automated Updates

Automation is an integral and highly beneficial component of cloud technology. All that the workers and employees of a construction project have to do is to redirect a piece of information or data towards the cloud, and it will make updates across all platforms and systems autonomously and in real-time. This ensures that all the stakeholders of the project are up-to-date with all the important changes, modifications, or upgrades to the project. Furthermore, automation reduces the chances of human error and takes a weight off of employees’ shoulders for managing and ensuring updates. The energy, time, and resources saved by this uplifting of responsibility can be brought to use in a value-adding activity.

Improved Collaboration

Cloud for construction teams takes collaboration to new heights. We all know that efficient collaboration is vital for all the projects that go on in the construction industry. A weak or inefficient collaboration and communication system can wreak havoc on efforts directed at the success of a project. Whenever a member of the team makes access to one or more files stored on the cloud and modifies or upgrades it, every other team member will know about it and can see the changes in an instant. The enhanced communication benefits two aspects of operations:
Internal Communication: The field and the office are not two separate places anymore with mobile cloud solutions as far as the efficiency of communications is concerned. Mobile cloud computing bridges the location gap and makes communication seamless, eliminating any lagging that might occur during collaboration. The outdated systems did not allow the project managers to know the current status of a project in real-time, and they had to wait until personnel from the field came to the HQ and lodged the updated information in their relative documents.
External Communication: As we all know, the duties and responsibilities of a sub-contractor are not limited to communicating with just the internal parties but the external stakeholders as well. This component of their job is catered to extremely well by mobile cloud solutions as they enable a subcontractor to be in constant communication with each and every party involved in an ongoing project at any given time. This offers the client as well as the project manager to make quick decisions in a well-informed way, nullifying the prospects of rework due to redirection. The overall productivity of the project is increased this way, and errors are avoided.

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Single Source of Truth

Systems, frameworks, and processes have been evolving since the start of industrialization, but they still have weaknesses that can cause misunderstandings and misinformation to take place. To do away with them, the cloud is virtually the only solution. It creates a single source of truth for the information and data of your projects without compromising their reliability. In fact, the reliability is enhanced as well, and so is the capability of sharing. A centralized database offers the additional benefit of prevention of time-wastage in the event if a document goes missing as the team would not have to make the efforts of recreating manual documents.
How many times have you experienced that a shortcoming occurs in one or more aspects of the project, and it turns out that it was due to one individual having a different version of the data while another person had a different one? A single, true, and reliable set of information make sure that such issues do not arise and the project runs seamlessly and swiftly with everyone being on the same page.

Added Security

Mobile cloud solutions make project management smoother and more efficient while making the project and data pertaining to the project more secure. You can configure, manage, and control the access to information and change it at any time as you see fit. Until a few years ago, you had to create backups of the confidential data crucial to a project, so if you lose your laptop or computer, you do not lose it or the access to it. However, mobile cloud computing allows you to reset your cloud password from any device to prevent others’ access to the information. It literally takes seconds to reach all the data of your project through a cloud, and there is no risk of losing it for good. You can program the cloud in a number of ways to allow access to specific teams to specific pieces of data, and so on.
Concerns about the potential security risks connected with the adoption of the cloud still prevail in the construction industry. A major reason for that is the high sensitivity and extreme importance of the need for mobile cloud solutions to be fully secure and safe from external and internal threats due to client data being involved in the project operations. It is true that cyberthreats and breaches of data can hinder the growth of a construction company by shaking the confidence of the present clients as well as the new potential clients. Furthermore, they can cause financial penalties in the form of legal implications and devastate the company’s finances and revenues.
However, what most operators in the industry do not know is that the security issues with cloud storage are a thing of the past now. It is now protected through blockchain technology that is extremely safe and secure. Security keys and encrypted data make it even more fortified. The infrastructure of mobile cloud solutions is also completely and heavily protected through scalable redundancy, availability of connectivity options, and advanced and modern network firewalls that are highly effective. The capabilities of mobile cloud computing pertaining to disaster recovery are also very efficient, securing a construction firm even further.

Standard Documents

Regardless of the amount and volume of the resources that are available to your construction team, they can ensure utilizing them to their optimum potential through integrated cloud-based mobile systems and processes. You can enable access to standardized documents relevant to each of your teams at all times. Grappling with spreadsheets and paperwork can go out the window by introducing your construction firm to mobile cloud computing, and all the documentation requirements can be fulfilled with internet access.

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Time Efficiency

The construction crews that are not equipped with the cloud technology and systems experience high volumes of their time getting wasted, and they cannot help it. Searching for information and data along with many other activities can be time-consuming, a recent report proves. According to it, 12 hours in a week or 30% of construction companies’ time is wasted performing rework, rectifying mistakes and errors, seeking project guidelines, resolving conflicts, and engaging in several other such types of non-productive activities.
On the other hand, when a construction company employs a cloud based mobile office, much of the time of all individuals and departments is saved. As long as you have access to the internet, you can access and analyze plans, frameworks, guidelines, work orders, and documents and double-check them in a matter of seconds from virtually any location you might be at. Sharing information can be done via the cloud, and project members do not have to dictate things over the phone or deliver in-hand documents. Checking measurements does not require you to be on-site, and changes and updates do not have to be manually recorded.


Utilizing cloud for construction teams allows you to grow your construction business without having to make a hefty investment. When the current projects become easier for you to manage and control and require fewer resources and employees for carrying them out, you can take on additional orders and projects. The process of finalizing a deal also becomes super easy with mobile cloud solutions as you can perform conversations, share your company’s portfolio or information, answer queries, clear concerns, and place bids over your phone from anywhere. These tasks do not require you to be at the office or anywhere specific anymore. In short, mobile cloud computing allows you to reach out to and grab more opportunities and accomplish projects more quickly without compromising on the quality, equipping your business with room for more work. More productivity allows for more revenue and more scalability.

Unity and Prosperity

A mobile office for construction teams offers long-term benefits as well, along with its project-based advantages. The improved communication and collaboration it provides for efficient teamwork that is free of complexities and hindrances. With all the members of the project able to track changes and updates on the cloud in real-time through notifications, the synergy and alignment of teams and individuals are failproof. These collaboration features give way to unity, and close-knit ties among the teams and within the construction company get nourished.
When the clients receive efficient services that are beyond their satisfaction and expectations, the company enjoys enhanced goodwill in the market. We know that the clients in this industry can be highly and continually involved in all the operations and processes of the project. This plays into your hands by them not being able to miss the agility, quality, and smoothness of your processes and systems. All this increases the good word about your company in the market and helps attract more clients. With the environment within the construction company and within the market being healthy, the company prospers and makes huge strides towards stability and success.

Remember, your construction team can enjoy all these benefits and several other advantages if you hire a cloud service that is experienced, specialized, and highly skilled. Cloud Computing Technologies has a strong portfolio with having successfully completed more than a hundred government-level contracts. Several businesses of all sizes, operating in various sectors and industries, have been able to become much more cost-efficient and productive through their expert services. You can set up a secure and efficient mobile office for construction teams by getting in touch with CCT that has the technical expertise and skill set required to enhance your construction operations and projects through specialized mobile cloud solutions.

The benefit offerings of cloud-based technologies combined with mobile make them the ways to go for construction. The take-up is not looking to either go down or stagnate in the coming years as it helps construction companies to get rid of several start-up costs that can otherwise prove to be a dent in the ‘capital wallet’ and to diminish the costs of their routine operations as well. With that established, let us look at the offerings of mobile cloud computing to project management in specific.

Mobile Cloud Implementation For Project Management

All cloud applications and systems are not the same in terms of the advantages they offer. Therefore, we stress the importance of choosing the right Cloud Computing Technologies provider for your construction endeavors. Choosing a cloud partner that offers esteemed experience and stellar knowledge can ensure your transition to be highly productive and efficient.
With a mobile office for construction teams, the project managers can reap valuable benefits through instant data transfers and the availability of measurable end-results of infrastructures of each assigned task and operation. This advantage is the reason for 85% of contractors transitioning or planning to transition to mobile cloud solutions. The future-forward resources of the cloud for project management are a way to integrate IT methodologies and utilities within your set management procedures. Project managers, with the help of the cloud, are able to reach the project operation tangibles, such as profits and the productivity of their staff on a mobile cloud. This keeps the executives informed about the practices that work best for achieving their set goals and allows them to make critical decisions pertaining to the accounting of the project.
When a construction company integrates targeted IT cloud-based mobile strategies, they are able to ensure that they yield the maximum possible financial profits out of each project that they engage in.
Let us discuss some of the supporting domains of the cloud that enable it to tackle the common challenges that may arise in a construction project or to make the operations smooth and more efficient.

Ancillaries of the Cloud

People with experience in the construction industry are familiar with challenges, such as adversarial behaviors, urgent demand for resources, incompatibility of different applications on one physical platform, measuring the performance of portability management, and on-demand provisioning, etc. The cutting-edge systems that mobile cloud computing uses to handle these issues efficiently through the use of virtualization, virtual machine management, and quality of service.
Virtualization offers a logically distinct system environment to host different services, operating systems, and applications on a logical abstraction level. The environment provides resources virtualization that enables stacks of software to be run on a single platform. Virtual desktops are utilities that allow you to accomplish more than you would with a single screen by offering and letting you function on a multi-dimensional view. Virtualization improves the security and reliability of the processes and helps construction companies overcome their incompatibilities.
Virtual machine management aims at mitigating the degradation of performance of equipment and rendering them more energy-efficient. Quality of service looks to make the components of stability, availability, transparency, suitability, response times, privacy, performance, agility, reliability, interoperability, accuracy, sustainability, usability, and security more efficient while reducing the costs of the overall operations and services.

How CCT Can Help Lift Your Construction Goals

Cloud Computing Technologies renders the sensitive data and information circulating across your company completely secure and protected. With constant monitoring of your network and automated detection of any suspicious activity, you can attain peace of mind that all your processes, systems, and operations are safe and sound. With our active directory, SSO, and identity access management services, your clients will feel completely secure while working with you.
Our algorithms and AI capabilities can provide you with a construction cloud environment that is highly agile, efficient, productive, and cost and time-efficient. By getting access to the cloud resources and mobile cloud solutions we offer, you can enhance your own experience, as well as your client’s journey more fruitful and swift. To acquire these benefits and make your project management equipped with real-time workforce trackers, contact CCT today. We will evaluate and analyze your specific and unique needs to craft a tailor-made strategy for all your construction needs.

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Our Final Thoughts

The construction business is competitive and to make customers keep coming back and grow your revenues, adopting updated technology is essential. Mobile technology that automates and simplifies the capturing of on-field data and analytics to transmit them back to the systems of the company for evaluation is crucial for continuous growth and sustainability of the company as well as maintaining a competitive edge in the market. To enhance the productivity of operations and improve the bottom line, systems, and employees, construction companies need to reduce their inefficiencies on active projects and reduce costs.
The list of the benefits that a cloud for construction teams offers is a massive one and cannot be curtailed into a single article. The companies that are still using decades-old technologies need to act quickly to stay ahead of the tough construction market competition. The inefficient processes that these redundant and obsolete systems run on result in the customers being left unsatisfied and the costs being much higher than they have to. Not only that, but these cumbersome and expensive-to-maintain construction and accounting custom integrations make construction projects more time and energy-consuming on the field.
The time is now for construction companies to invest in mobile cloud solutions to be able to transmit and access information to and from anywhere and at any given time. The construction industry is ever-evolving, and no component of the industry can afford to ignore its challenging needs. Mobile office for construction teams nourishes a culture of accountability and equips the project management personnel to keep efficient time cards that can save labor costs. The workflow capabilities are improved with quick reviewing and approval of data, such as payrolls and on-field expenses.
The reason for the construction industry being one of the first to embrace the idea of mobile cloud computing is the volume of benefits it offers to the industry. The construction industry requires as much mobility as it can get to be able to fulfill its basic duties, such as changing contractors and designs, etc. Unfortunately, the evolution for the industry from welcoming the idea of mobile cloud solutions to extensively implementing it came slow, and it is now one of the least digitized industries across the world.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Cloud-Based Mobile Office for Construction Teams is a cloud computing solution that enables construction teams to access their work, collaborate, and manage projects from anywhere, using any device. It provides tools for project management, document sharing, communication, and reporting.
This solution enhances productivity by allowing team members to work from anywhere. It improves communication and collaboration among team members, enables sharing of real-time project updates, and provides seamless access to project data. Additionally, it can lead to cost savings as it requires no upfront investment in hardware and reduces the need for physical office space.
At CloudComputingTechnologies.AI, data security is our top priority. We use industry-best encryption methods and maintain strict access controls to secure client data. Also, we perform regular security audits and adhere to stringent compliance standards.
Absolutely. The Cloud-Based Mobile Office is highly scalable and can accommodate both small and large teams. It allows adding or removing users as per the project requirement and ensures seamless collaboration irrespective of team size.
Our team at CloudComputingTechnologies.AI will guide you through each step of transition – from understanding your unique needs, setting up the mobile office, migrating data, to training your team and providing continuous support.
Yes, Cloud-Based Mobile Offices are highly reliable. Cloud services usually come with backed up redundancies. This means that your data is secure and accessible even if one server goes down. These solutions come with high uptime guarantees, ensuring your team can work without interruptions.
Most Cloud-Based Mobile Offices, especially those provided by CloudComputingTechnologies.AI, offer seamless integration capabilities with common software used in project management, accounting, human resources, and more.
We are here to guide you at CloudComputingTechnologies.AI. In our consultation, we’ll discuss your unique needs, and based on that, we will present a custom-tailored solution that best serves your requirements.
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