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What Is Cloud Computing?

To answer the question, What is Cloud Computing?, we look at how cloud computing refers to delivering a wide range of computing services over the Internet. These include hardware, networking, operating systems, databases, and other resources located at a remote location.

What Do the Numbers Say?

  • Gartner predicts that over $1.3 trillion in IT spending will be disrupted due to companies migrating to the cloud by 2022.
  • 94% of enterprises rely on cloud to support their IT operations.
  • According to a survey, cost-cutting is the leading motivation behind enterprises moving to the cloud. More than 61% organizations believe that cloud migration can reduce their costs.
  • Over 50% of U.S. government organizations use the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Reduced IT Costs

On-premises IT infrastructure is inefficient and costly. It puts an extra burden on your organization’s management as they have to make critical decisions regarding your IT infrastructure without having the proper guidance. Outsourcing your IT systems to CCT’s cloud computing engineers can cut down the cost of running and maintaining your IT infrastructure. In this way, you can focus more on your business products and services. More importantly, the cloud comes with the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model. This means you only need to pay for what you use. Other savings include:
  • You don’t have to deal with downtime anymore.
  • Your energy consumption expenses are reduced by a considerable margin.
  • You don’t have to spend a sizeable chunk of your budget on hiring and managing expert staff.


Each company has varying IT requirements. A start-up looks for different computing resources, whereas a large corporation with 1,000+ employees has other demands. CCT’s cloud computing engineers can cater to both forms of customers by scaling up/down their IT operations as per their business demands.
If your organization has fluctuating or growing bandwidth demands, there’s nothing better than cloud computing, because it can re-adjust your computing capacity quickly. You no longer have to spend large amounts of money on new equipment and configure them to meet your needs.


Our cloud computing engineers enable you to unlock new levels of flexibility. Now your employees can work from home or even from other countries. This can also save you ample room and costs by getting rid of office workstations. All you need is a reliable Internet connection.

Data Security

Do you use encryption for your data storage?
If you process confidential and sensitive data, a move to the cloud isn’t merely a productivity upgrade—it can potentially save you from a costly cyberattack. CCT’s cloud computing engineers know how to protect your data. Other than encryption, they implement all the modern cybersecurity solutions, such as access control, penetration test, intrusion detection system, to prevent hackers from exploiting your system.

Enhanced Collaboration

The c-suite and managers are continuously searching for methods to improve individual and team performance. With cloud computing, your employees can share data and collaborate to work on projects from multiple locations. It also allows field workers to send real-time data to their office workers, optimizing your organization’s operations.

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Why Migrate to Cloud Work from Home Office?

Running operations from the cloud gives a Home Office  a number of advantages over the ones who don’t. In a holistic view, it mitigates the majority of the barriers and obstacles that prevent you from running your business remotely without interruptions. A real-world example of this would be that the businesses and corporations that had migrated their infrastructure to the cloud. They were the ones that could stand against the recent pandemic COVID-19. These Work from Home businesses had little-to-no interruptions even in the midst of the epidemic. Whilst the majority was stuck, these businesses kept growing having the competitive edge and the following benefits cloud computing could offer.

  1. Reduced costs
    Our cloud computing engineers can migrate your business to the cloud and let you pay only for the services you use. Enable SaaS, PaaS, IaaS for even higher ROI with little expenditure.
  2. Expandability
    Cloud Computing Technologies can help your business to scale up in a matter of days with the right planning.
  3. Flexibility
    Enjoy unprecedented amounts of flexibility with migration to the cloud. Let CCT open you to a new world full of opportunities.
  4. No Need for A Contingency Plan
    You don’t need to prepare for contingencies because the cloud is the backup itself. Let our engineers draft the perfect cloud infrastructure for your business.
  5. Higher Security
    With our experienced engineers, maintain the highest possible security compliances with secure remote logins.
  6. Remote Working
    We are committed to providing your business with the best service. Even in the midst of a crisis, feel free to contact us. Our engineers are always happy to migrate your systems for you to the cloud and help you set up your remote workforce.

Why Cloud Computing Engineers from CCT?

Cloud Migration has become tomorrow’s strategy rather than today’s tool. As businesses are lining up to strengthen themselves to face the worst, it is common that some of the businesses have started to resent their cloud infrastructure. Some have spent huge sums of money on inutile features. This results in businesses rolling back to their original set-up. This bitter experience is solely due to the incompetence of cloud architects to properly analyze the business and their needs.

Cloud Computing Engineers at CCT are the Best Cloud Expert,  highly experienced and their knowledge goes beyond the technical know-how. They are skilled in assessing the business and deriving the best possible cloud infrastructure to facilitate business operations. Our cloud computing engineers are skilled in developing infrastructures with all the major cloud providers, but not limited to Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Migrate to Cloud Computing

Cloud migration process begins with selection of cloud migration strategy. The application, use cases, and systems parameters all contributed to approach. Some common cloud migration strategies include:

  • On-premises to cloud instance transfer with minimal application reconfiguration
  • On-premises to cloud instance transfer with moderate application reconfiguration
  • On-premises to cloud instance transfer with major application reconfiguration
  • Cloud native application rebuild (decoupling for high availability)
  • Cloud native serverless application (leveraging microservices)

While there are many factors that influence any cloud migration decision, it is essential to incorporate agility, continuous improvement, and continuous delivery to leverage the innovative capabilities of the cloud.

Migrate to Cloud
SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis


  • Leverage best-practices application platform
  • Configured for startups and digital-savvy enterprises
  • ​Consumption based cost model
  • High resiliency and fault-tolerance


  • ​Significant gain in competitiveness
  • Innovative platform for new business models
  • Optimized cost based upon delivery capability
  • Automation and continuous improvement of processes


  • Increased dependency on platform
  • ​Data transfer bottlenecks
  • Additional effort with security and encryption
  • Minimized physical control over data


  • Data security mitigation
  • ​Difficulty to migrate off platform
  • Potential hidden costs
  • Technical incompatibilities

​​Current State (Pre Cloud Migration)

​A successful cloud migration requires careful and detailed planning.

  • Legacy systems resources assessment and documentation
  • Clearly defined project work statement considering time, budget, and resources
  • Involvement and commitment of stakeholders
  • Consensus with project scope, goals, and objectives
  • Extract, transform, load (ETL) tools
  • Training and maintenance

Best approach cloud migration approach considers budget, resources, and tools and involves a meticulously well-thought-out plan.

​​Current State (Pre Cloud Migration)
Cloud Computing Migration

​Interim State (During Cloud Migration)

​​During cloud migration, the most important items to consider include the following:

  • Architectural modifications and adoption
  • Planning for RTOs and RPOs
  • Move and sync data to the cloud securely
  • Accelerated data transitioning and bandwidth considerations
  • VM import, Multi-part uploads, snowball, direct connect and FTP
  • Extract, transform, load (ETL) strategies
  • Business continuity and fall back plans

A simple plan can be more resilient. Always leverage managed services and plan for failure as unforeseen events and challenges may arise during cloud migrations.

​Future State (Post Cloud Migration End)

​Post migration strategy involve monitoring, optimizing, and support services.

  • Monitor all aspects of each cloud instance
  • Check monitoring data against benchmarks
  • Consider cloud native monitoring tools
  • Leverage cloud support best practices
  • Test applications and document
  • Create reusable processes and templates
  • Communicate lessons learned and best practices

Further application optimization considers decoupling layers for high availability and fault tolerance.
Cloud Engineer

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Why Migrate to Cloud?


Why Cloud Computing Engineers from CCT?


Certified Cloud Computing Engineers from CCT


Multi-Cloud with CCT


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Operations and Optimization

​“​CCT worked with staff to coordinate testing of system packages and resolved load problems. Systems migration were smooth with minimal disruption to operations. I recommend CCT for their leadership and expertise.”
​Sierra Vista, Arizona
​Deputy CIO

Certified Cloud Computing Engineers from CCT

Whether your business is looking to migrate your operations to AWS, Azure, GCP, or a different provider, our cloud computing engineers are at your service.


If your requirement is to migrate to AWS, our AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners are more than happy to provide the best your business can get. They know about AWS Cloud in an out and know how to match it to suit your business needs.
We understand that your company might be on the lookout for AWS Cloud Specialist staffing to ease up the cloud migration procedure for you. Whether it is a one-time undertaking or a long-term commitment, feel free to drop in for the best AWS Cloud Specialist staffing options.

Microsoft Azure

Whether you are starting the migration process or looking for another cloud provider, our team of Microsoft Azure Cloud Specialists is here to help you. Our cloud computing engineers will help you to design the infrastructure to fulfill your business objectives. From the moment you get started on the Azure portal, our cloud computing engineers will take you through creation, deployments, and configuring the services.
Let us know your requirements. Our Microsoft Azure Cloud Specialists will be in touch with you.

Google Cloud Platform

If your business is looking at a multitude of Google APIs and features whilst migrating to the cloud, we realize that you might have concerns to clear. Call our Google Cloud Certified engineers and let them know every single one of your concerns. Not only will they assess your requirements, but will analyze them and help you to find the best-suited cloud plan to reach your goals. Our cloud computing engineers will happily assist you to build, deploy, and link your operations with GCP services.

Multi-Cloud with CCT

Simply, multi-cloud is the migration of your business operations to multiple cloud services. This strategy enables your business to have the best possible combination of services from different service providers. Have your assets, applications, and other resources spread and available across multiple clouds and avoid relying on just one cloud provider. Not only it gives you flexibility and governance but it also ensures that you always have access to your resources with almost zero downtimes.
Our team of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners, Microsoft Azure Cloud Specialists, and Google Cloud Certified engineers are always up-to-date with the collaborative multi-cloud strategies. Let our team of cloud computing engineers assist your business to migrate. they will design the infrastructure and continuously optimize it to suit your business needs.

Grow Your Business with CCT

Whether your requirement is a single service provider or a multi-cloud strategy, our cloud computing engineers are highly proficient in both business and cloud infrastructures. Cloud Computing Technologies can provide you with the best AWS Cloud Specialist Staffing options with AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. We also have both Google and Microsoft Azure certified cloud computing engineers for all your cloud-related needs.
They are trained professionals with expertise in evaluating and analyzing the existing systems of enterprises and businesses. They have a vast amount of experience in designing the cloud infrastructure based on your business’s existing set-up and migrating the functionalities to the cloud.

Each Cloud Computing Engineer is experienced in the best practices and principles for cloud architectures. They know about the value proposition and know about compliance and key security aspects of the cloud service of your choosing. They are available to come to your offices and provide you with technical assistance and let you focus on your developments instead.

Whether it is a requirement for an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Google or Microsoft certified professional or a migration task, feel free to contact Cloud Computing Technologies now.
AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform are trademarks of the respective companies or their affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

What Can CCT’s Cloud Computing Engineers Do For Your Organization?

Our cloud computing engineers know all the modern cloud concepts and tools.


Are you going to buy another server to meet your processing demands? What if we can meet your requirements by re-configuring your existing systems? This is what our engineers have been doing for years to help SMBs (small and medium businesses) by reducing their costs and enhancing efficiency. We can do all types of virtualization, including storage, hardware, network, administrative, application, application-server, and OS (virtual machines).

Data Center Design

Large enterprises heavily depend on cloud data centers. We build a powerful infrastructure that can deliver high performance and run your complex IT operations smoothly.

Orchestration Engines

Modern cloud apps are made of individually containerized components. To support these components, we employ orchestration engines to run applications to its fullest. Depending on your business needs, we can go for Docker Swarm, OpenShift, or Kubernetes.


Our experts are certified in all the mainstream cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Depending upon your existing technology stack, they can customize your cloud with any of these tools.

Why CCT is the Best Cloud Expert?

Knowing Your Industry’s Business Language

Whether you work in retail, finance, manufacturing, supply chain, oil & gas, banking, government institutions, or any other sector, we will send an expert that is not only good with the cloud, but someone knows the business language of your industry and has the relevant experience. We research your company, understand your organization’s goals, and integrate cloud to generate the best outcomes.

Having an In-Depth Knowledge

CCT’s cloud computing engineers specialize in all the popular cloud technologies and platforms. Cloud computing is not merely a product. It’s an amalgamation of multiple technologies that work together to provision the necessary data and resources to the end-users.
This is why other than their specialization, they also have a broad knowledge in a wide range of computer science disciplines, which allows them to work on all the seven OSI layers.

Thinking Outside the Box

We take pride in our problem-solving abilities. There has been explosive growth in the cloud sector during the past few decades, and more development is expected in the upcoming decades. Regardless of the technology and industrial advancements, CCT experts continue to adapt and deliver high-quality solutions, because they have their basics covered. They identify issues and work on creating the most effective solutions.
Fill our form, get an appointment, and discuss your on-premises problems with our cloud computing engineers. They are going to help you maximize the cloud advantage.

Experience and Agile Expertise

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Understanding the complexities and nuances of AI technologies can be a daunting task, even for seasoned IT professionals. That's where we come in. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation. Here is how we can help.

Hi, I'm Dr. Alan. I've been in your shoes, grappling with AI while pushing forward.

I deeply understand the need for expert guidance and specialized support in this challenging field. That’s why I founded Cloud Computing Technologies AI. My vision is to create a space where IT decision makers, like you, can find the resources, assistance, and cutting-edge solutions they need to propel their organizations to new heights.

My passion lies in demystifying AI and making it accessible and beneficial for all organizations, regardless of their size or industry. At Cloud Computing Technologies AI, we don’t just offer services – we provide a partnership. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, offering our extensive expertise, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to your success.

Principal AI Scientist and Data Engineer

Benefits You Can Expect

Streamlined Business Operations

Our AI services incorporate machine learning algorithms and data analysis tools which automate repetitive tasks. This feature frees up your staff’s time and allows them to focus on more strategic duties.

Enhanced Decision Making

With our advanced predictive analytics, you can gain deep insight into your business trends and consumer behavior. These features enable you to make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Superior Customer Experience

Our AI solutions include intelligent chatbots and personalized marketing tools. These features enable seamless customer interactions, ensuring that your clients receive tailored services, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.

What clients say about Cloud Computing Technologies

"Game Changer"

"Our business operations have been revolutionized thanks to Cloud Computing Technologies AI. The automation of repetitive tasks has not only increased our efficiency but also allowed our staff to focus on strategic projects. Truly a game-changer."
Mr Smith
IT Director
Leading Tech Firm

"Boosted Our Profitability"

"I was skeptical about AI, unsure of the tangible benefits it could provide. But Cloud Computing Technologies AI dispelled my doubts. Their predictive analytics have given us deep insights into our business trends, enabling us to make decisions that have significantly boosted our profitability."
Mrs Hanson
E-commerce Company

"Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty"

"The customer experience we are now able to offer, thanks to Cloud Computing Technologies AI, is unparalleled. The personalized marketing tools and intelligent chatbots have resulted in seamless customer interactions, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty."
Mr Brown
Digital Marketing Agency

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Initiate by clicking "Book a FREE Assessment" and take the first step toward unlocking innovative potentials. Were here to support you every step of the way on your AI journey to success.

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We'lll sign your NDA if required and discuss your specific needs, challenges, and aspirations. Together, we'll identify key aspects that best align with your goals.

Implement & Thrive:

We’ll develop and integrate the tailored AI solutions into your business operations, paving the way for enhanced efficiency, informed decision-making, and superior customer experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Cloud Computing AI Engineer is a professional who specializes in building and deploying machine learning models and AI systems on cloud platforms. They employ their skills in AI, machine learning, programming, and cloud computing to deliver robust, scalable AI solutions.
A Cloud Computing AI Engineer can help your business leverage AI and cloud technologies for better data analysis, automation, and decision-making processes. They can create AI models that predict trends, automate repetitive tasks, improve user experience, and much more, fostering growth and efficiency in your business.
Our engineers are proficient in AI and machine learning algorithms, data science, programming languages like Python, Java, and cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure. They are adept at creating, training, and deploying machine learning models efficiently.
At CloudComputingTechnologies.AI, continuous learning is ingrained in our culture. Our engineers regularly participate in training, webinars, certification programs, and conferences to stay updated with the latest developments in AI and cloud technologies.
Yes, our engineers are collaborative and flexible, able to work seamlessly with your existing tech team. They will ensure your team understands the AI solutions being implemented, and provide necessary training and support.
Security is a top priority at CloudComputingTechnologies.AI. We uphold strict data privacy rules and use secure cloud environments. Our engineers have expertise in implementing security protocols, ensuring the confidentiality and safety of your data.
Yes. Our engineers are experienced in managing and successfully executing large-scale AI projects. We follow a systematic approach that includes rigorous testing and validation to ensure efficient project delivery.
Connect with us at CloudComputingTechnologies.AI. We will discuss your needs, answer any questions, and arrange for the best AI engineer to assist you.