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Replatform to Cloud

Migrating to Cloud Seamlessly

Are you looking to migrate your applications to the cloud?

While moving your on-premises servers to the cloud, you have to take your legacy systems into consideration. Generally, transitioning to the cloud depends on three strategies.

  1. You choose to rehost an application, which involves making minimal changes. On the flip side, you lose out on making the most of the cloud.
  2. You choose to rearchitect your applications from scratch. This approach consumes resources – both time and money.
  3. You choose to replatform .i.e. your application is retooled for the cloud, whereas its architecture remains the same. It strikes a middle ground between the previous two cloud migration approaches.

What Is Replatforming?

Replatforming is similar to rehosting as both have minor code alterations. But, replatforming includes certain adjustments with the goal of benefiting from the new cloud infrastructure. Some modifications are common in replatforming. For instance, you can control the way in the application communicates with the database to take advantage of automation and leverage a more powerful database infrastructure.

Replatforming also lets you incorporate new features for enabling scaling and allow the application to make the most of the cloud environment’s reserved resources. With minimal code modifications, you can even integrate the application with cloud’s native features.

Replatforming is one of the most cost-friendly cloud solutions. There is no requirement of adjusting the cloud server to align with the prior environment. On the contrary, you have the chance to start small and scale as per the current and future requirements. In this way, your savings multiply, whereas the cloud environment matures with the application. To mitigate risk, managing scope and avoiding unnecessary changes is crucial.

Replatforming is known for certain modifications, which can include the following:

  • Enhancing scaling and leveraging reserved resources in the cloud environment with minor code changes.
  • Modifying the way the program communicates with the database to take advantage of an elastic database infrastructure and automation.

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Benefit Of Replatforming

You can enjoy the following benefits of replatform to cloud by partnering with CCT.

Save Money

CCT’s replatforming approach saves money and is not dependent on a major development project. 

Start Small and Scale Accordingly

CCT’s cloud consultants move some of your workloads to the cloud as you gain experience in the cloud environment, learn lessons, and focus on other workloads, without making you commit to a major migration process.

Leverage Cloud-Native Functionality

CCT enables you to leverage cloud capabilities, such as data processing, managed storage, auto-scaling, and other useful services.

How Does CCT Help with Replatform to Cloud?

Manually replatforming an application to AWS can be done, but the most effective method for this purpose is to utilize an application modeling approach, where the application is described as code, performing adjustments which are testable and transparent to boost speed. At the same time, it minimizes effort and risk.

This is how CCT operates:

  1. We help you to analyze your application, understand how its components work and review operational needs, dependencies, and normal behavior, which includes known issues.
  2. We help you to use a blueprinting method to model the application for capturing the relevant components integrations, and configurations.
  3. We help you to utilize the AWS Well Architectured Framework during migration. It comes off as a noteworthy lifesaver by making your application align with the practices for operations, cost, and security.
  4. We help you to work with a limited number of components to use cloud services, such as AWS Relational Database Services and Load Balancer and minimize potential problems by replacing brittle scripts by more managed services or automation.
  5. We help you to deploy the modeled app, which includes data migration to an AWS account.
  6. We help you to test the deployed application, make adjustments.
  7. We help you to transition operations, onboarding, data migration, and network changes.

Reach Out to CCT for Free Consultation

Migrating to a new environment or infrastructure with replatforming is both challenging and thrilling. It is exciting to use new resources and features to power your operations. Mostly, these additions work out well for everyone involved. On the flipside, replatforming can be difficult to manage without the right support.

Replatforming doesn’t have to be a hassle. All you need is to make a well-thought-put strategy to implement it. For this purpose, get in touch with CCT. Our cloud computing consultants have extensive experience in cloud migration approaches.

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What clients say about Cloud Computing Technologies

"CCT's diverse skills and expertise has reduced our technical debt by millions of dollars to which we have reinvested into future capabilities."
Mrs Hanson
Mrs. Hanson
"With CCT migrating our critical systems into the AWS, 80% our staff is now remote working."
Mrs Miller
Mrs. Miller
"CCT showed us how to meeting regulatory compliance in AWS Landing Zone and greatly improved our cloud security controls."
Mrs Wilson
Mrs. Wilson
"CCT provided our agency with application rationalization services and successfuly applicaton migrations meeting all KPIs and SLAs."
Mr Smith
Federal Agency
"I highly recommend the data science team at CCT. They are technically proficient, great communicators, unbiased, and reduced our false positives by 68%."
Mr Brown
Mr. Brown
"The team at CCT is knowledgable and insightful in developing a cloud architecture leading to our mission success."
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Mr. Robinson

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