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Strategic Intention Cloud Computing

Strategic Intention to use Cloud Computing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAugust 20, 2014 Contact: Dr. Alan F. CastilloCloud Computing Technologies602-443-6800 x105https://cloudcomputingtechnologies.ai Study of Leadership and Strategic Intention to use Cloud Computing by Dr. Alan F. Castillo CHANDLER, AZ – August 20, 2014 – Dr. Alan F. Castillo, President and Cloud Solutions Architect of Cloud Computing Technologies, has recently completed a doctoral study that is now available to purchase… Continue readingStrategic Intention to use Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Business

Winning Cloud Computing Business Models

The Cloud Computing business models often enhance value through streamlining efficiency and sometimes act as disruptors to industries by introducing profound changes to existing value creation and delivery. A business model defines the means to which value is created and desired outcomes. In addition, a winning business model creates superior value through refined or new concept, process, or activity. Further… Continue readingWinning Cloud Computing Business Models

Cloud Systems Administrator

Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud Computing Architecture for Interconnected Clouds A Cloud Computing Architecture leverages a cluster of parallel and distributed cloud servers performing a computational function as a unified fully integrated resource. This cluster of cloud servers performs a utility function; serving web pages, performing database services, or delivering email for example ubiquitous to performance requirements, time limitations, delivery, scale, and costs. This… Continue readingCloud Computing Architecture

Cloud Computing Transformation

Cloud Transformation Strategy

Cloud Transformation Strategy is the combination of cloud computing innovation and business change management. Cloud computing unhinges the organization from legacy hardware that is expensive to maintain, difficult to upgrade, and limited in capability. Rather than investing into internal infrastructures, cloud computing provides unlimited computing capacity with immediate access to everyone in real-time. Yet, to tap the full innovative potentials… Continue readingCloud Transformation Strategy

Computer Installation Services

Computer Installation Services

Computer Installation Services Computer Installation Services with expertise is what defines us from our competitors. Our tech support staff holds degrees in computer science and at least two technical certificates from major pc manufacturers. This provides you the confidence that you will receive highly experienced and knowledgeable IT tech support to resolve any computer or network problem that your business… Continue readingComputer Installation Services