Contract Awards

Castillo Technologies, LLC dba Cloud Computing Technologies Contract Awards Summary

Start DateContractAgencyRecipientAmount
9/16/2006GST0906DN0017General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        194,639.78
10/1/2006V644P33138ADepartment of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        158,786.00
10/27/2006W91RUS06C0050Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        217,431.00
4/1/2007DEAF6507WG35328Department of EnergyCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $     2,307,159.60
4/17/2007W917PM07F0002Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        286,655.57
9/21/2007W91RUS07C0032Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        995,299.23
2/14/2008GS09Q08DL0010General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            4,008.80
3/28/2008V644Q82166Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            1,990.00
4/4/2008FA488708FA046Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            4,410.00
4/29/2008GS09Q08DL0016General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          18,873.64
8/14/2008V644E87135Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            3,840.00
8/28/2008FA488708FA151Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          56,000.00
9/8/2008V644E80005Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        139,965.00
9/18/2008V644PE87156Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            9,254.00
9/30/2008FA488708FA215Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        132,421.00
9/30/2008FA488708FA210Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            9,640.00
10/1/2008FA488709FA002Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        385,514.00
12/13/2008GSP0909WM0007General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          58,119.00
12/19/20080001Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            2,501.00
2/10/2009FA488709FA028Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          29,334.00
2/26/2009GS09Q09CZM010General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            9,650.00
6/25/2009FA488709P0108Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            8,174.78
7/9/2009V644C91266Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            5,600.00
7/9/2009V644A90042Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            3,990.00
9/1/2009VA259P0624Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        119,039.00
9/1/2009FA441809F0068Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        534,084.67
9/29/2009GS09Q09DN0041General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        180,585.50
10/1/2009FA488710FA004Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        766,161.80
10/16/2009GS09Q10DFM0501General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        409,612.40
7/9/2010GSQ0910DF0138General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          42,518.00
8/5/2010FA488710P0117Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          38,260.00
8/31/2010FA488710P0131Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          50,971.00
9/27/2010GSP0910WP0113General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            6,979.00
9/30/2010GSP0910KN0025General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            6,979.00
9/30/2010GSP0910KN0024General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            6,979.00
9/30/2010GSP0910KN0023General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            6,979.00
7/12/2011FA488711P0090Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          22,129.00
8/22/2011GSQ0911DL0044General Services AdministrationCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          22,912.60
8/31/2011AG82FTC110021Department of AgricultureCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          34,416.00
3/1/2012VA25912F0376Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        225,715.00
6/8/2012FA488712FA023Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        572,385.13
9/1/2013FA441813F0048Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        586,804.40
9/30/2013VA24313F3073Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          14,034.00
6/1/2014FA488714FA013Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        733,715.97
2/19/2015VA25915P1804Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            9,179.50
4/28/2015VA25915F2436Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        190,835.20
9/14/2016VA25916P4865Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            4,948.80
10/1/2016FA488717FA002Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        735,717.68
5/24/2017FA488717F0051Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $            6,517.35
9/1/2017FA441817F0051Department of DefenseCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $        150,907.56
11/9/201836C25919F0070Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          92,073.00
12/21/201836C25919F0120Department of Veterans AffairsCASTILLO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC $          14,165.00

Introduction to CloudComputingTechnologies.AI Contract Awards

Welcome to CloudComputingTechnologies.AI, a pivotal leader at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cloud computing solutions. As industries evolve with technological integration, the role of sophisticated AI applications in cloud environments has become not just an opportunity but a necessity. At CloudComputingTechnologies.AI, we harness the power of AI to transform traditional cloud systems into intelligent infrastructures that propel businesses forward, ensuring they are both agile and robust in a competitive landscape.

Brief Overview of CloudComputingTechnologies.AI and Its Relevance in AI and Cloud Computing Sectors

CloudComputingTechnologies.AI stands at the forefront of the AI revolution, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence with cloud-based systems to unlock new potentials for our clients. Our deep industry expertise and commitment to innovation have positioned us as a trailblazer in delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the modern demands of digital architecture.
In the fast-paced realm of technology, relevance is key. CloudComputingTechnologies.AI continually adapts and evolves, ensuring that our services are not just current but also pioneering. Our involvement in significant projects and development of proprietary technologies keeps us at the cutting edge. The awards and contracts we’ve secured in the AI and cloud computing sectors are testament to our capability and reliability. These accolades are not simply marks of honor; they are a reflection of the trust that major enterprises place in us when redefining their digital strategies.
By choosing CloudComputingTechnologies.AI, you’re not just opting for a service provider but a partner who commits to your business’s future, driving growth through technological excellence.
This introduction sets the stage for a deeper understanding of how our contract awards mirror our industry standing and underline our commitment to delivering best-in-class AI cloud computing solutions.

Importance of Contract Awards in Establishing Credibility and Trust

In an industry driven by innovation and reliability, contract awards serve as a foundational pillar that underscores a company’s credibility and fosters trust among potential clients. At CloudComputingTechnologies.AI, we view each contract award not just as a business achievement, but as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and trustworthiness in the artificial intelligence and cloud computing arenas.
Recognition from Industry Leaders: Each contract award is a seal of approval from leading industry entities and professionals. It is recognition that CloudComputingTechnologies.AI meets and surpasses rigorous standards of quality, innovation, and reliability. When industry leaders entrust us with their needs, it signals to all potential clients that our solutions are not only effective but also revered.
Benchmarks of Trust and Reliability: Trust is not given lightly in the technological sector; it must be earned through consistent delivery of outstanding results and commitment to client success. Our contract awards highlight our track record of high-performance outcomes and dedication to customer satisfaction. These awards encourage new clients to place their trust in us, knowing they are partnering with a proven leader.
Objective Validation of Our Capabilities: Awards serve as objective validation of our technological competencies and strategic acumen. They indicate that CloudComputingTechnologies.AI is not just a participant in the technology sector, but a front-runner that continuously raises the bar for innovation and excellence.
Enhancing Our Brand Image and Market Position: Each award cements our reputation within the competitive AI and cloud computing market. It enhances our brand image, setting us apart as a prestigious and reliable choice for any enterprise looking to leverage the power of advanced technology solutions.
Commitment to Continuous Improvement: More than just accolades, these awards fuel our drive for continuous improvement. They motivate our teams to push boundaries further and innovate beyond limits, with the assurance that our pathway aligns with the highest industry standards.
The importance of contract awards extends beyond the immediate recognition they bring. They are essential building blocks for forging lasting relationships based on trust and mutual success, making CloudComputingTechnologies.AI not just a service provider, but a key strategic partner in navigating the complexities of today’s digital landscape. By choosing a recognized and awarded leader, clients ensure that their technological infrastructure is in capable and distinguished hands, poised to elevate their business to unprecedented heights.

Understanding the Impact of Our Contract Awards

What a Contract Award Signifies in the Cloud Computing and AI Industry

In the rapidly expanding domains of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, a contract award is much more than a formal recognition—it’s a powerful endorsement of a company’s capabilities and leadership in the industry. For CloudComputingTechnologies.AI, each contract award represents a series of significant implications not only for us but also for the market and our clients.
Validation of Technological Expertise and Innovation: Contract awards in the cloud computing and AI sectors are often based on a company’s ability to provide innovative, scalable, and effective solutions. These awards signal that CloudComputingTechnologies.AI possesses the requisite expertise and creative approach to handle complex technological challenges. They validate our ability to harness new AI developments and cloud advancements to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that drive the industry forward.
Symbol of Operational Excellence and Reliability: Each award reflects our operational excellence and the reliability of our solutions in live environments. Winning a contract in these competitive sectors serves as a testament to the robustness and scalability of our offerings. When clients see that CloudComputingTechnologies.AI has been selected through rigorous selection processes, it increases their confidence in our operational and technological stability.
Attracting and Securing Stakeholder Confidence: Awards pique the interest of stakeholders seeking to invest in or collaborate with leading technology firms. They offer an assurance that investing in CloudComputingTechnologies.AI is a wise decision, backed by proven performance and industry acknowledgment. This confidence extends beyond our clients to our investors, partners, and even future talents considering joining our innovative teams.
Benchmarking Against Peer and Industry Standards: Winning contracts regularly sets higher benchmarks for us and our competitors. It urges the entire industry to strive for enhanced performance and innovation. For clients, choosing a contract-awarded company like CloudComputingTechnologies.AI means partnering with a leader who not only meets but sets industry standards, ensuring that their projects and technologies are aligned with the best in the market.
Market Positioning and Competitive Advantage: Each contract award enhances our positioning in the market, subtly shifting client perceptions and choices. It provides us with a competitive advantage, showcasing our commitment to quality and excellence. These accolades differentiate CloudComputingTechnologies.AI in a crowded market, making us the preferred choice for businesses looking to leverage the cutting-edge potential of AI and cloud computing.
Encouraging Future Inquiries and Partnerships: Lastly, these awards function as beacons, attracting future prospects who are looking for industry-leading solutions. They encourage other companies and decision-makers to consider CloudComputingTechnologies.AI for their needs, trusting in the same level of excellence that earned the contracts in the first place.
Thus, a contract award in our field is not just a reflection of past successes but a promise of future potential. It signifies robustness, reliability, and readiness to lead projects that define the cutting edge of what’s possible in AI and cloud technology, compelling industry leaders and innovators to join hands with CloudComputingTechnologies.AI as they architect their digital futures.