cloud migration consulting

Cloud Migration Consulting

Why Cloud Migration Consulting Is The Need of the Hour?

When enterprises proceed to make the most of cloud technology, migration carries huge significance. The cloud is changing the game – particularly the manner in which businesses run their IT infrastructure.

Today, companies have ample freedom to move some or all segments of their workloads to the cloud, benefiting from excellent cost-savings in the long run.

Your vital business applications and databases may require re-platforming, operational backing, or re-architecting. Irrespective of your goal behind pursuing cloud migration, CCT offers a comprehensive set of cloud migration services along with continuous assistance to guide you throughout the process.

Any business that needs cloud service migration, cloud migration software, cloud server migration, cloud application migration, migration to cloud service, workload migration to cloud, or wants to adopt the best cloud migration practices, can ask CCT for help. Once you try our services, you will want to stay with us.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Accelerated Deployment

Cloud computing makes it easy to implement DevOps practices. Application and software development is done through a structured approach, replacing the previously-used haphazard workflows. Furthermore, cloud migration minimizes the requirement for installing operating systems or configuring your own equipment or servers. Automation with IaaS and PaaS services allows you to deploy quicker.

Document Control

Since the cloud uses a centralized approach to store documents, only the latest version is accessible to your team members. Now, there is no need to adopt outdated email practices for sharing a document’s updated version. We can help your team members edit the required details in the document and have it saved in the cloud only. This way, you can eliminate the issues caused by the conflicting file titles, formats, and content.

Cloud offers improved collaboration throughout all the channels – customers, partners, workers, and the organization – by distributing the same documents to every department. Aside from better collaboration, companies can take advantage of a boosted bottom line, streamlined document management, and improved work quality.

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Small Disadvantaged Business leads to enhanced innovation and creativity, as these businesses often offer unique perspectives and solutions shaped by their diverse backgrounds. Moreover, partnering with Small Disadvantaged Business can provide access to specialized skills and capabilities that might otherwise be overlooked, contributing to improved competitiveness and efficiency.

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Transforming for Innovation, Sustainability and Security

Transforming for Innovation and Sustainability securing future competitive advantage

Efficient Monitoring

CCT’s cloud migration consulting allows you to monitor downtime issues in the system and address them before it’s too late. In this way, we save resources – time, labor, and money – as we track every application and element. We can also centralize the monitoring process, which is different from the cookie-cutter approach of IT staff managing different dedicated interfaces.

Enhanced Security

Traditionally cloud computing was considered weak from the security perspective. However, times have changed. Credible cloud service providers, such as CCT, take complete responsibility to provide security during the cloud experience. For this purpose, they employ the latest tools to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting apps and data.

The deployment of automatic security updates takes security to the next level, keeping businesses protected from vulnerabilities. However, some security responsibilities fall upon the shoulders of businesses too. But don’t worry about it – we will provide cybersecurity awareness and training to your employees.

Simplified Infrastructure

Cloud migration services minimize the complexities of infrastructure setup and the associated network. This allows you to complete requirements and specifications needed to launch essential services. This can save valuable business hours to dedicate to other key business areas.

CCT’s Cloud Migration

By having CCT as your cloud service provider, you can get answers to all your pertinent questions, facilitating a successful transition to the cloud. We can help with the following:

  • What to migrate – Prioritize the infrastructure, processes, and applications to be migrated.
  • How to migrate – Create a migration strategy that aligns with your requirements and deals with potential risks
  • Where to migrate – Pick a dependable platform (public, private or hybrid) that fits the bill.

CCT’s Plan for Successful Cloud Migration

CCT’s cloud migration consulting personnel a plan that leads to successful cloud migration. We offer an effortless transition of business data and applications to any cloud platform of your choice, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP. Besides, we incorporate the following processes into the standard cloud migration process.

  • Planned Strategy – Review how well your company adapts to cloud services and examine the availability of applications belonging to the cloud.
  • Audit – Evaluate the capabilities of your current infrastructure in accordance with the industry’s best practices for automation, disaster recovery, scalability, and security.
  • Architect Design – Collect prevailing resources and handle requirements to establish supporting cloud architecture.
  • Automation – Our cloud migration strategy prioritizes automation with a tried-and-tested cloud solutions.
  • Deployment and Testing – Deploy, stage, and test the new cloud environment for its scalability, operational efficiency, and functionality.

Get More Value for Money

Whether your company is looking to migrate to VMWare, Office 365, or any other enterprise cloud platform, CCT’s cloud computing consultants can guarantee the best bang for your buck.

We possess the experience and expertise to address complex questions coming from IT managers and chief information officers, such as the ones listed below:

  • What impact will cloud migration have on other IT costs?
  • How will cloud migration affect our business and applications?
  • Who will monitor the cloud after the deployment?
  • How do we plan to conduct testing for cloud deployments?
  • Are there any scalability concerns due to my hardware limitations?
  • What changes will occur to the deployment and migration strategies?
  • Who is going to monitor and track the cloud after the deployment?

We focus on singling out IT and business drivers, determining the current setup, and specifying a cloud roadmap that is accommodating to future requirements. With our well-thought-out iterative approach, there is minimal disruption to your operations.

A rewarding future awaits you. Don’t wait any longer and drop us a message. With our help, your cloud migration will turn out to be an instant success.

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What clients say about Cloud Computing Technologies

"CCT's diverse skills and expertise has reduced our technical debt by millions of dollars to which we have reinvested into future capabilities."
Mrs Hanson
Mrs. Hanson
"With CCT migrating our critical systems into the AWS, 80% our staff is now remote working."
Mrs Miller
Mrs. Miller
"CCT showed us how to meeting regulatory compliance in AWS Landing Zone and greatly improved our cloud security controls."
Mrs Wilson
Mrs. Wilson
"CCT provided our agency with application rationalization services and successfuly applicaton migrations meeting all KPIs and SLAs."
Mr Smith
Federal Agency
"I highly recommend the data science team at CCT. They are technically proficient, great communicators, unbiased, and reduced our false positives by 68%."
Mr Brown
Mr. Brown
"The team at CCT is knowledgable and insightful in developing a cloud architecture leading to our mission success."
Mr Robinson
Mr. Robinson

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Migration Consulting is a service where experts provide advice and strategies to businesses on how to move their data, applications, and IT processes from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.
Cloud migration can offer many benefits such as cost efficiency, scalability, enhanced productivity, improved disaster recovery, and the possibility to work from anywhere.
We provide step-by-step guidance in assessing your cloud readiness, planning the migration, implementing the move, and providing ongoing support post-migration.
Challenges can include data security concerns, downtime during migration, compatibility issues, and ensuring staff are trained to manage and operate the new system.
Our experts utilize robust security measures, careful planning to minimize downtime, thorough compatibility checks, and comprehensive training sessions to overcome these challenges.
Absolutely. Our consultative approach ensures that we fully understand your business needs and challenges to provide a tailored, efficient cloud migration strategy.
The timeframe can vary depending on the size and complexity of the business. However, our team works diligently to ensure a seamless and speedy transition.
You can reach us via our phone number or fill out the webform on our website. Our team is always ready to start a conversation about how our services can benefit your business.
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