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When to Move to the Cloud

Regardless of when a business performs cloud migration, the benefits of the cloud technology for it will be aplenty. However, there are a few business scenarios that make cloud migration extremely important for an organization. The practice has been embraced by a huge number of enterprises across the world, and more and more businesses are rapidly shifting towards it. In this article, we will look to answer the question, ‘when to move to the cloud?’

When you Find Your Business in Need for Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage offering is one of the major benefits of the cloud. It allows you to focus on objectives that are mission-critical and forward-thinking instead of several dreary roles, such as maintenance of IT equipment and resources, etc., that are inevitable if you do not leverage cloud technology. This enables you and your teams to engage in efforts that look to grow and expand your business and not in weary activities that only support the systems that run the business.

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Competitive advantage is a game-changer for any business regardless of the sector or industry it operates in. Two of the biggest opportunities of gaining a competitive advantage that cloud migration offers include mobile access and real-time data. The latter has a huge impact on several components of the business, such as supply chain requisitioning and tracking, decision-making, managerial reporting, etc. Furthermore, the cloud can help minimize out-of-stock scenarios, enhance turnaround times for inventory, and significantly minimize costs related to warehousing.

On the other hand, mobile access provides the employees within an organization as well as its management the flexibility it requires to perform efficiently. The implications of being able to access data from any location are not modest. It allows for quick and effective decision-making as well as increases the overall productivity of the business.

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When You Start Noticing That Your Competitors Are on the Cloud

An obvious reason is an answer to the question, ‘when to move to the cloud’ is when you see that your competitors are leveraging it. This makes a quick cloud migration crucial for your business as it poses a risk of your competitors getting way ahead in the race within a short time. When businesses that are competing with yours get their costs reduced, they can compete in a more efficient manner with lower prices. Similarly, they can quickly grab a big share of the market and even attract some of your customers by delighting them through more efficient and streamlined business operations and processes.

Their partners will be happier, and they will be able to accelerate their release cycles, and that is not even the worse news, as you will not be able to match them without utilizing cloud technology. It is one thing to compete in the market without the cloud advantages, but it is another to face them head-on. The best step to take in such a scenario is to get on a playing field that is at least equal. The race will then shift to who leverages the cloud in a better, more effective, and more innovative manner. 

When It is the Need of Your B2B Partners

Regardless of if you are down the chain or up the chain, as soon as your partner businesses opt for cloud migration, you will have to follow them. If you have a strong relationship with them, they might allow you some time to make the transition. Otherwise, they will start looking for other partnering options that are cloud-enabled. This is true for businesses in all industries as the supply chains that are supplemented by cloud technology are clearly more dominant as they are able to leverage real-time data.

When Your Business is in Need of New Software

If even one of the software that is critical to your business ceases being supported and becomes obsolete, it can be a huge problem. Similarly, you might want to upgrade it for compatibility reasons. In any case, it is probable that your old software dictates being updated and for you to perform cloud migration. The cloud allows businesses to migrate to it in parts on an as-needed basis. However, it is almost always better to migrate at once, and it does not pose any drawbacks, as well as the subscriptions on the cloud are offered on a pay-for-use basis. You can move your architecture there and utilize as little or less as you want without the fear of any consequences.

When an Update is Required by Your Systems Infrastructure

Obsolete or old technology can make your business be extremely low-productive. When a need for overhauling or updating your IT infrastructure arises, cloud migration should be your go-to approach, as other remedies can be extremely complex and expensive, especially if your business operates in several locations. Also, it is not always obsolescence that necessitates you to leverage cloud technology as expansion and growth can also require it.

Moving your data and processing capabilities to the cloud minimizes the overall load on your internal IT resources and equipment. The cloud being fully future-proof and scalable for any magnitude of growth is truly the best way to permanently deal with the situation. Even if you expect your inventory to double or even triple in the next six months, the cloud can easily take care of it without requiring you to make costly upgrades to your IT infrastructure.

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Summary for When to Move to the Cloud

It is common for people to undervalue the cost savings that cloud migration offers. The money your business saves from the support and maintenance of your IT infrastructure generally offset your cloud migration costs in an extremely short time. However, “how to move to the cloud?” is as vital a question for any business as “when to move to the cloud?” Therefore, to benefit from expert solutions that are custom-designed to support your IT systems and infrastructure and from efficient offerings pertaining to managed services, get in touch with Cloud Computing Technologies today. With CCT’s rich big data capabilities, you can ensure a swift cloud migration and efficient utilization of cloud technology.

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