Data Analytics Services in Data Lake for Predictive Analytics

Analyzing data and producing insights for decision making

Data Analytics Services

Data Analytics refers to the process of analyzing data and producing insights for decision making.

It has become vital for modern businesses due to the sheer amount of user and transaction data they encounter on a daily basis. Storing and processing this data becomes impossible without the right tools.
This is where big data analytics becomes important. Cloud Computing Technologies (CCT) has enabled many of its customers to embrace data analytics services in the recent past, and the results have been outstanding.

CCT works with many Data Analytics Services to provide the best solutions to customers. However, AWS is the leading provider of Cloud Services and Data Analytics Services. As a Standard Consulting Partner, CCT highly recommends AWS Data Lakes. Data Analytics Services, like TensorFlow, depend on AWS for 85% of their big data projects.

It is important to consider many different aspects of AWS Data Analytics Services such as analytics, data movement, data lake, and predictive analysis.

Benefits of AWS Data Analytics Services

Here are the most significant benefits offered to AWS customers:

Ease of building AWS Data Lakes

AWS Data Lake Formation automates the process of setting up a data lake. Time-consuming tasks like loading, transforming, and securing data and controlling who has access are greatly simplified.

Amazon Redshift replaces many other tools providing the capability to query all types of data. In addition, tools like AWS SageMaker allow customers to set up predictive analysis platforms with ease.

Comprehensive portfolio of Data Analytics Services

AWS provides the most comprehensive portfolio of products for all aspects of Data Science like analytics, data movement, data lakes, and predictive analysis. Many options exist for each process, enabling customers to choose the one that is most suitable for their needs.
Open file formats like Apache Parquet allow data to be stored centrally but be consumed by all AWS services.

Scalability and Cost-Efficiency

AWS provides virtually unlimited compute and storage resources, allowing for convenient scaling of your Data Warehouse. Once a Data Analytics platform has been set up with vast amounts of data, it is not possible to migrate it without disrupting the business and incurring considerable costs. As such, it is vital to select a service provider like AWS.
With businesses seeing exponential growth in the data loads they accumulate, it is essential to acquire services with cost-effective pricing. AWS offers variable pricing and pay-as-you-go options that ensure that you only pay for the amount of resources that are being consumed.

Secure storage and processing for big data

AWS is one of the safest cloud providers, and it offers many security benefits and compliance certifications to customers. Data is stored and transmitted in an encrypted form to ensure data security.
In addition, AWS offers many other tools like Amazon Macie that identifies any sensitive data which is stored carelessly and Amazon Inspector that identifies configuration errors that may lead to data breaches.

AWS Analytics

AWS consists of many services that are important for different aspects of data analytics such as Processing big data, Data warehousing, real-time analytics, interactive analysis, operational analytics, and Dashboards and visualizations.
Amazon Redshift is one of the most highly recommended tools for querying a Data warehouse, which is a centralized collection of data from many areas of a business. Complex SQL queries are used to fetch structured and semi-structured data from petabytes of data across your Data warehouse to facilitate decision making. You can then save these results back to your AWS Data Lake through Amazon Redshift in order to use them across other big data analytics tools like Amazon EMR and Amazon Athena.
AWS Redshift powers the data analytics efforts of organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Yelp, McDonald’s, Fox Networks, and Lyft are just a few of its biggest customers.
Amazon EMR and Kinesis are some of the other tools offered in this category for data processing and analytics respectively.

Data Movement

Importing data in large capacities is one of the most challenging aspects of a data lake. AWS offers many services to facilitate capturing, transforming, and load streaming data into products such as Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift.
Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics are some of the main options for streaming data from various external sources. Amazon Kinesis Video Streams is a specialized tool for importing video content, which becomes useful for many industries like healthcare, recruitment, and retail.

AWS Data Lake

AWS offers three main categories of tools for data lakes. The first of these is Data cataloging, in which AWS Lake Formation plays a significant role in automating the process of building a data lake.
Object Storage is another vital category given the unimaginably large datasets that are associated with big data analytics. Amazon S3 is the leading storage option for AWS Data Lakes.
Last but not least, data backup and archive tools like Amazon S3 Glacier and AWS Backup take care of securing your data in case of emergencies and other disasters.

Predictive Analytics

The main expectation from a Data Warehouse is to be able to provide insights that will facilitate decision making. Predictive Analysis forms a major part of this. Amazon SageMaker is a robust and comprehensive tool for building and training Machine Learning models for Predictive Analytics. Any Deep Learning system begins by training the Deep Learning algorithms to process a set of labeled test data. SageMaker’s Ground Truth offers all the tools necessary to build and manage comprehensive training data sets.

Amazon SageMaker Autopilot is another useful part of the platform, and it aids customers in automating most of the routine tasks entailed in the process of training Machine Learning algorithms. SageMaker Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the AWS Deep Learning platform.
In addition, other tools like SageMaker Notebooks to manage elastic computer instances, Marketplace, Augmented AI, and Debugger provide further capabilities to smoothen the process of setting up an AWS Data Lake.
Contact Cloud Computing Technologies today for a no-obligation proof-of-concept and proposal! We specialize in building and optimizing AWS Data Lakes and many other big data analytics platforms.

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Data Analytics Services

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What Is Data Analytics?

Data analytics refers to a comprehensive set of techniques and methods that examine datasets to draw conclusions from massive amounts of datasets. In this way, you take raw data and display patterns to show valuable business insights.
Data was limited before the 21st century. Back then, manual activities were used to extract insights from a customer’s information. However, as the world moved to the Internet, global data storage underwent an explosive growth. This led companies to rely on data analytics services. They combined artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, statistics, algorithms, and automation to build specialized systems for displaying key business metrics on user-friendly dashboards.
For instance, manufacturers record runtime, downtime, and work queue for multiple machines and perform analysis to adjust the workloads. This ensures that the machines are optimized and operate closely to peak capacity.
Data-driven companies are 23 times more likely to get successful at customer acquisition.

Benefits of Data Analytics Services

Anticipate Customers Needs

Modern customers expect businesses to understand them. Data analytics help you to understand what your customers need. They use the newly generated insights to optimize the user experience and foster long-lasting relationships.

Deliver Relevant Products

Effective data analytics ensures that the organization can stay competitive as new technologies emerge and industry demand fluctuates. It is an excellent opportunity to create tailored products and services. Analytics reviews factors, such as real-time customer location, age, income, to deliver high-quality personalization. Your marketing department can rely on these insights and display customized ads.

Mitigate Risk and Fraud

Security and fraud analytics can protect your financial, physical, and intellectual assets from misuse by external and internal threats. Powerful data analytics features boost organizational security and increase fraud prevention. Transparent reporting and data management produces improved fraud risk management processes. For instance, financial institutions can look for unusual patterns to save their customers from identity theft.

Make Better Decisions

This is the biggest advantage of data analytics. It empowers the c-suite to make quick and timely decisions. As a result, the entire organization gets to benefit from data-driven insights.
90% of business professionals believe that data analytics play a pivotal role in their company’s digital transformation.

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Cloud Computing has taken the world by storm. Many organizations that thought they can build their applications with their know-how and tools have now started realizing the benefits of Cloud Computing. This realization has resulted in a steep increase in the adoption of cloud technologies.
At Cloud Computing Technologies, we take pride in guiding our customers through their cloud migration. We offer secure, scalable, and fully on-demand cloud services through our enterprise-level cloud partners like Amazon AWS.
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How CCT’s Data Analytics Services Can Add Business Value to Your Organization?

One of the main reasons why organizations are hesitant to use data analytics services is that they find it too ‘complex’ when compared to traditional software development. Data analytics are indeed intricate, but it adds tremendous business value to your operations. Here’s a brief overview of how we use a wide range of analytics methods.

Data Aggregation

Before your data is analyzed, we collect it, centralize it, and perform data cleaning operations to prevent duplication. In this way, we remove incomplete and useless data from your dataset, paving the way for enhanced insights. We aggregate data from:
  • Transactional records – Large datasets provided by an organization or an authorized third-party vendor. Depending on the industry, it can include shipping records, sales records, and banking records.
  • Volunteered data – Data shared directly by the end-user

Data Mining

We customize and run analytics tools, provided by AWS and Microsoft, based on your organization’s IT infrastructure and business needs. The objective is to spot previously hidden or overlooked trends and patterns. Our experts develop models from a large amount of data. They employ statistical techniques to show a clear picture of your organization. Here’s what data mining entails.
  • Classification – Arrange and group your known data to create customer segments based on various attributes.
  • Clustering – If you don’t have the factors needed for data classification, we employ regression to identify patterns.
  • Regression – Predict continuous numeric values through historical patterns. For instance, if you work as a real estate broker, we can use the data from the last ten years to predict whether prices will go up or decline.


We analyze behavior from historical data to create a forecast of future events. This forecasting displays data for a specific season or period. For instance, you can observe:
  • Spikes in online search for a specific product or service.
  • Increase in retail sales for holiday merchandise.

Data Visualization

We present highly-interactive graphics by drawing business insights from data to display:
  • Modeling output
  • Statistical predictions
  • Exploratory data analysis


The benefits to cloud computing are numerous and significant. Primarily, cloud computing enables your organization to quickly setup a server and applications platform for your virtual office without hardware and software dependencies. In addition, with a cloud based centralized server and application platform, your work from home (WFH) users can securely access business IT resources from any location and any time zone.
Commonly, organizations report significant cost reductions in hardware, licensing, and maintenance after moving to the cloud. This is due to more efficient use of systems as a consumption-based pricing model is more palatable to constrained IT budgets. Rather than dealing with unanticipated huge IT capital outlays, cloud spending is easier to forecast and measure outlays to departments.
Cloud computing can easily accommodate surge capacity needs as it can scale up and scale down to meet your operational requirements on an as needed basis. Your data and systems are protected with a cloud platform that is already security regulatory compliant, so business continuity capability is already addressed.
Collaborate on a higher scale through multiple communications avenues within the cloud. With virtual cloud desktops, secure file access, cloud-based email or applications, your ability to collaborate is greatly enhanced.
At CCT we recommend that all organizations shed all the dependencies and limiting factors of legacy IT by moving into agile, fault-tolerant, and strategic cloud solutions that we provide.

Generative AI Software Integration

Boost your business efficiency with our custom Generative AI Business Software, tailored for HR, finance, sales, event management, and customer service. Leveraging advanced natural language processing and AI-driven data science, we specialize in customer segmentation, sales analysis, and lead scoring. Elevate your operations and gain a competitive advantage with our precision-driven AI solutions. Contact us to integrate AI seamlessly into your key systems and transform your business.

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Types of CCT’s Data Analytics Services

Descriptive Analytics

90% of companies rely on descriptive analytics. It answers the reasons behind your organization’s success and failure in the past.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics predict the likelihood of a future outcome through machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques. Algorithms take data and use the best possible guesses to fill in the missing data. It is then merged with data from ERP, HR, POS, and CRM systems to search for data patterns and find relationships among different variables.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics manipulate the future. Leverage it to see what are the possible outcomes and take actions that maximize important business metrics. Data simulation allows you to answer: “What should you do right now?”
Insights-driven companies grow at more than 30% each year.

Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs with Data CCT’s Data Analytics Services

CCT has been digitally transforming government institutions and organizations over the last two decades. Reach out to us and avail our data analytics services. We will analyze your business processes and show how data analytics can streamline your current operations, increase revenues, and reduce costs. It doesn’t take long for our services to work. So what are you waiting for?

We can help you with:

  • Customer Data Analysis
  • Financial Data Analysis
  • HR Data Analysis
  • Marketing Data Analysis
  • Operational Data Analysis
  • Performance Data Analysis
  • Sales Data Analysis
Further information about Data Analytics Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Analytics is the process of analyzing raw data to extract valuable insights and make informed business decisions. It is crucial for businesses as it helps them better understand their customers, optimize operations, and identify new growth opportunities.
Data Analytics Services can benefit your company by providing actionable insights, improving decision-making processes, increasing operational efficiency, and gaining a competitive edge in the market.
Data Analytics Services can analyze various types of data, including structured data (such as sales figures and customer information), unstructured data (such as social media posts and emails), and semi-structured data (such as sensor data and log files).
Data Analytics Services utilize a variety of tools and technologies, including data visualization tools (such as Tableau and Power BI), statistical analysis tools.
Data Analytics Services can provide valuable insights to help optimize business operations, improve decision-making processes, and gain a competitive edge in the market. By leveraging data analytics, companies can identify growth opportunities and enhance overall performance.
Cloud Computing Technologies AI offers tailored Data Analytics Services that harness the power of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to deliver precise and actionable insights. Our unique approach ensures that clients receive customized solutions that address their specific business needs.
By analyzing customer data and behavior patterns, Data Analytics Services can help companies personalize interactions, anticipate customer needs, and deliver targeted marketing campaigns. This leads to improved customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.
Yes, Data Analytics Services can leverage predictive modeling and forecasting techniques to predict future trends, customer behavior, and market demands. This proactive approach enables businesses to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions.
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