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If you’ve ever wondered how platforms like Google and Amazon show you targeted product advertisements, how Netflix and Spotify recommend content, how virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri work, or how cars drive themselves, the answer lies in some form of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is staggering to see the extent to which so many industries have adopted artificial Intelligence. Various forms of AI Solutions have become vital parts of many businesses and our daily lives, without us even knowing it.

At its core, artificial intelligence has to do with the development of computer systems and algorithms that can perform tasks that formerly required human interaction. Image recognition, voice recognition, translation, and decision making are just some of its uses, which yield a multitude of applications.
Artificial Intelligence has been around since the 1950s, but it has grown exponentially during the last decade or so due to a high rate of adoption by many industries. Adoption and research have also grown due to the release of many AI solutions like Amazon SageMaker and hardware becoming cheaper and easier to obtain

Deep Learning Solutions are one of the most important concepts of Artificial Intelligence that imitates the way the human brain works when it comes to processing data and creating patterns. Deep Learning has opened up infinite possibilities as it can be integrated with any process.

The Power of Deep Learning Solutions: Breaking Things Down

According to one recent study, every person generates about 1.7 megabytes of new data every single second. While this is significant, data on its own is meaningless. It’s little more than a series of countless 1s and 0s sitting on a hard drive somewhere.


What you need is a way to make sense of that data – analyzing it in a way that uncovers the true story hidden underneath. Bulk data from thousands of individuals can be analyzed to identify both general insights and irregularities, leading to many business opportunities.


All you need to do is ask the right questions. AI Solutions will unlock many insights and provide actionable intelligence from a variety of sources, including business apps, log data, web services, and more – all in the name of making well-informed decisions faster than ever.
That, at its core, is exactly what the Deep Learning solutions from Cloud Computing Technologies are all about. We use a broad set of tools that include TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Theano, and Caffe to elevate businesses through Deep Learning. Most of the tools we use are powered by the reliability of Amazon SageMaker.

The Benefits of Artificial Neural Networks

These are just some of the benefits of Artificial Neural Networks for your business:

  • Maximize the utilization of your unstructured data. It doesn’t matter what type of data you’re talking about (be it picture, text or even video) or where it’s coming from, deep learning lets you obtain insights from absolutely anywhere.
  • Automate more. Unlike more traditional machine learning processes that still need to be set up and executed by humans, deep learning can essentially execute feature engineering by itself. Amazon SageMaker’s Autopilot is one such tool that can save Data Scientists a lot of time, which would be otherwise spent on manually creating datasets to train Neural Networks. Not only can this help data scientists within your organization save a significant amount of work, but it will free up a tremendous amount of time as well.
  • Eliminate human error. Once properly trained, deep learning models essentially become the perfect type of employee – one that doesn’t have to eat, sleep, or take a vacation. This also means that human error and costly mistakes aren’t things you have to worry about ever again. A deep learning solution can perform literally thousands of routine, repetitive tasks with consistent quality – again freeing up the valuable time of your human employees to focus on those tasks that really need them.

How does Cloud Native Deep Learning work: Under the hood

Like we mentioned earlier, Deep Learning imitates the human brain, and you can only do so with powerful hardware and specialized Neural Networks.

Cloud Native Neural Networks are a specialized computing model with a layered structure imitating the networked structure of neurons in the human brain. They have varying numbers of networked nodes depending on the tasks they perform. While you can have a Neural Network with a few layers, the ones used for Deep Learning can have networks that are hundreds of layers “Deep”.

When Neural Networks receive input data, they perform a process of categorizing it through many layers of abstraction and make decisions at each layer. This can be applied to any form of content such as text, images, audio, and video.
For example, a Neural Network that is meant to recognize hand-written numbers will process an input image through a multi-layered decision-making process and output a set of percentages that indicate how likely it matches a valid digit.
This process begins with training the Neural Network using a set of labeled sample data. It will learn the patterns in the sample data and dynamically apply it to real data with a near-perfect level of accuracy. The best part is that they continue to learn even through real data, and this is completely automated.
Amazon SageMaker is a highly recommended solution and provides all the tools necessary to build, train, and deploy Deep Learning solutions. It uses Jupyter notebooks that can be shared with one-click. Resource management and scalability come built-in as SageMaker uses Amazon’s own computing resources.
If you’d like to find out more information about the wide range of benefits that Deep Learning brings to the table, or if you have any additional questions that you’d like to go over in a bit more detail about our software development services, please don’t delay – contact Cloud Computing Technologies today.

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The Cloud Computing Technologies Approach

Cloud Computing has taken the world by storm. Many organizations that thought they can build their applications with their know-how and tools have now started realizing the benefits of Cloud Computing. This realization has resulted in a steep increase in the adoption of cloud technologies.
At Cloud Computing Technologies, we take pride in guiding our customers through their cloud migration. We offer secure, scalable, and fully on-demand cloud services through our enterprise-level cloud partners like Amazon AWS.
If you’d like to find out more information about all of our innovative service offerings, or if you’d just like to discuss your own needs with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact Cloud Computing Technologies today


The benefits to cloud computing are numerous and significant. Primarily, cloud computing enables your organization to quickly setup a server and applications platform for your virtual office without hardware and software dependencies. In addition, with a cloud based centralized server and application platform, your work from home (WFH) users can securely access business IT resources from any location and any time zone.
Commonly, organizations report significant cost reductions in hardware, licensing, and maintenance after moving to the cloud. This is due to more efficient use of systems as a consumption-based pricing model is more palatable to constrained IT budgets. Rather than dealing with unanticipated huge IT capital outlays, cloud spending is easier to forecast and measure outlays to departments.
Cloud computing can easily accommodate surge capacity needs as it can scale up and scale down to meet your operational requirements on an as needed basis. Your data and systems are protected with a cloud platform that is already security regulatory compliant, so business continuity capability is already addressed.
Collaborate on a higher scale through multiple communications avenues within the cloud. With virtual cloud desktops, secure file access, cloud-based email or applications, your ability to collaborate is greatly enhanced.
At CCT we recommend that all organizations shed all the dependencies and limiting factors of legacy IT by moving into agile, fault-tolerant, and strategic cloud solutions that we provide.

Generative AI Software Integration

Boost your business efficiency with our custom Generative AI Business Software, tailored for HR, finance, sales, event management, and customer service. Leveraging advanced natural language processing and AI-driven data science, we specialize in customer segmentation, sales analysis, and lead scoring. Elevate your operations and gain a competitive advantage with our precision-driven AI solutions. Contact us to integrate AI seamlessly into your key systems and transform your business.

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