LR023 DevSecOps Security Architect III


DevSecOps Security Architect III, Cloud Computing Technologies Agile Development Labor Rate is involved in the creation and implementation of new security systems to ensure absolute protection of organizational applications in line with organizational security policies and compliance requirements. Advice, assess, and contribute to the development and implementation of data security policies, processes, and instructions in support of the security program. Possess knowledge of new techniques and tools that supports data security architecture.

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DevSecOps Security Architect III, Cloud Computing Technologies Agile Development Labor Rate is required to create, administer and manage DevSecOps abilities with direct and regular interaction with product development teams to make certain application security command are established during the course of software development. Transfer, develop and boost security coding techniques and procedures, appraise vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and make available remediation guidance. Possess a strong in-depth knowledge of data processing and associated data security concepts. Participate in software advancement, development, and infrastructure groups to suggest, approve, create, and architect security solutions and to actualize software security compliance goals. Recognize and rectify data security relevance in a multiple computing environment. Manage, retain, and design security solution architectures and security documentation relating to security controls inside the company’s computing environment. Direct and engage in administration operations to promote security purposes such as Cloud, DevSecOps, DevOps, and so on. Make available, direct and deliver detailed security guidance to project teams. May have 11 or more years of experience in this field with at least one or more years of practical professional experience in DevSecOps environment in one or a combination of the following: data processing and related data security concepts, information technology, software engineering, etc. May have a degree in computer science, computer engineering, cyber security, mathematics, or any other specialized areas relating to security architecture and/or possess an industry certification offered by Microsoft, CompTIA, etc. Possess practical and in-depth knowledge of computer programming languages such as Python, PowerShell, ASP, .NET, Perl, Ruby, PHP, and/or Java; and have a strong Unix/Linux administration background. Experienced in creating and designing numerous security technologies such as Multi-level security applications, Cloud Security, Security Network Design, etc. Works directly under the supervision and guidance of the Senior DevSecOps Security Achitect.

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