SIN 54151HACS Principal Security Architect


Principal Security Architect on GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 47QTCA23D000J SDVOSB Small Disadvantaged Business IDIQ  is a seasoned professional responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining robust cybersecurity strategies and solutions within an organization. They possess extensive expertise in safeguarding digital assets, mitigating security risks, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. As a crucial leader in the realm of cybersecurity, a Principal Security Architect plays a pivotal role in fortifying an organization’s defenses, managing security incidents, and staying ahead of evolving threats in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.

Principal Security Architect on GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 47QTCA23D000J SDVOSB Small Disadvantaged Business IDIQ Principal Security Architect extends beyond traditional application analysis and coding. In this pivotal position, individuals are responsible for developing, coding, and maintaining software programs across various electronic devices. They excel in creating error-free, scalable, and maintainable code for software applications. This Architect plays a crucial role in the software development lifecycle. Their responsibilities include thorough testing, evaluation, and continuous improvement of applications to ensure user-friendliness and efficiency. Additionally, they actively engage with clients to understand their specific needs, draft comprehensive application programming outlines, and develop user training manuals. Collaboration is at the core of this role. Principal Security Architects work closely with multidisciplinary teams, bringing innovative ideas and concepts to life. Depending on project requirements, they collaborate with graphic artists, data specialists, software engineers, and other experts to create cutting-edge computer and mobile applications. In addition to strong coding skills, these professionals possess proficiency in a wide range of programming languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, BASIC, HTML 5, CSS, LaTex, Perl, Python, Microsoft .NET Core, Java, SQL, REST, MySQL, jQuery, Golang, Ruby, Node.js, and more. Their expertise spans various platforms, ensuring adaptability to diverse project needs. Principal Security Architects are also responsible for the end-to-end development, support, maintenance, and testing of business, military, and government software applications. They lead projects, ensuring they stay within budgetary constraints and adhere to agreed-upon timelines. Utilizing Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and Code Libraries is second nature to them. These tools enable them to efficiently create, test, and troubleshoot code-related issues. Collaboration with software developers and engineers is paramount to the success of every project they undertake. What truly sets Principal Security Architects apart is their capacity to take initiative and assume leadership roles within the Information Technology Department. They drive software and application programming projects, ensuring the organization operates efficiently and securely. Furthermore, Principal Security Architects perform diagnostic tests to identify errors in new programs or applications, guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality software. Their work adheres to industry standards such as Service Level Agreement Compliance (SLA) and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) policies, all within the dynamic landscape of cloud-based software. In essence, a Principal Security Architect is the linchpin of software development, combining technical expertise, collaboration skills, and leadership qualities to deliver innovative, secure, and efficient solutions for a variety of applications.  The Principal Security Architect, Special Item Number 54151HACS, is available to all Federal, state, local, and tribal governments on GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 47QTCA23D000J Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS).

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