Including AI is one of the top 5 software development trends that software houses should invest in!
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Top 5 Software Development Trends You Need To Follow Today

IT industry is the sector that experiences evolutions every passing second. The best way to expand your clients is by showing that you’re different from your competitors. Let your uniqueness shine through as the software development techniques and procedures you implement.

The best way to begin is by understanding the top 5 software development trends. 2021 and 2022 software industries revolve around these trends, after all. That’s why you must know these trends and incorporate them into your business.

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Mentioned below are the top 5 software development trends. Follow them to become successful tech experts and cater to your clients better.

1. High Focus On The Cloud

Digitalization is at its peak. Everything today is based on virtuality, which has hence, increased the demand for cloud services. Businesses availing of cloud services save quite a lot of money from not using data centers that they don’t need. By paying for the things you use, you cut down on massive costs and utilize those finances better.

Moreover, the cloud also enables your business data to be available anytime and every time you need it. Also, before, if you lost your data, it was challenging to retrieve it. But cloud simplifies data recovery.

Besides, the pandemic pushed the importance of ecommerce as businesses had to boost their online presence to attract their audience. Cloud is a vital tool for all ecommerce websites because it allows such users to access numerous services and expand their operations.

2. Ever-Rising Importance of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence keeps upgrading. If you thought you saw AI at its best, be prepared to be surprised the next day as you discover yet another update. The evolution of AI means you keep evolving your services as well. Investment in AI is one of the most strategic decisions you can take today. This investment is sure to pay off for a long time.

Companies that take the assistance of AI are prospering and will continue thriving higher than the ones without AI support. Robotics increase the productivity of every firm and save your precious time and human resources. You can now have your computers work and prepare software programs for you while your experts can focus on other equally important tasks.

AI has enabled firms to use predictive analytics and find more about their clients. You can use the AI algorithm to study your clients and identify their requirements. Sure, offering your customers the same services they’re looking for was once a tedious and complex milestone. But AI has made it a task that needs a few clicks at most.

3. A Sharp Increase In Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications allow you to enjoy the benefits of both mobile applications and the website. PWAs help you offer an excellent user experience to your traffic.

Your users don’t need to download your app anymore. These conventional apps are an intelligent way to become more interactive with your audience and convert them into loyal customers.

The best part about PWAs is that your users can use them offline, and whenever they open the app, the updated version will open. On the one hand, your user doesn’t need to wait for the upgradation and installation. And on the other hand, you don’t need to offer different versions to adapt to various gadgets.

If you haven’t started thinking about developing PWAs, it’s high time you do so. Not only do these apps save your costs and time, but they boost your earnings by generating more leads and conversions.

4. Heavy Reliance On Blockchain

Blockchain was once associated with only the financial service industry and cryptocurrency. Not anymore. Technology is becoming an essential element in various sectors, including entertainment, healthcare, agriculture, and banking.

Blockchain has exceptional accuracy and speedy data-sharing features. They make the software a strong character for every company. With interest in blockchain rising, several industries are looking forward to adopting the technology and incorporating it into their operations.

Blockchain prioritizes data security and easy transaction recording. The decentralized ledgers reduce complexities and even protect data from hacking and corruption.

In addition, blockchain services also assist the ideology of custom software development- a concept that offers an edge to software development companies and boosts their competitiveness. These are, thus, the reasons why the total spending by businesses on the blockchain continues to rise every year.

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5. A Shift Towards Native App Development

Smartphone users continue to increase- and so does the demand for mobile applications. Not everyone uses their laptops and computers to use the internet. Mobile apps and their user experience are hence, becoming more crucial each day.

You must develop user-friendly mobile apps that have easy formatting, layout, and flexible structuring. A mobile app must offer its users a smooth experience on their mobile, or else you will lose valuable clients.

Due to the increasing native app development, its languages are also rising in their fame. Python, Swift, and Kotlin are some languages that you can use to optimize your mobile app’s speed, engagement, and overall quality.


If you are a part of the software development industry, it means you must be flexible and scalable. You must know about all the updates in your sector and be quick to adapt to them. You can’t afford to fall behind in technology-oriented services if you want your business to continue growing.

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That is why you should observe the trends inside your industry and follow them to achieve higher milestones. Shifting and relying more on cloud services is an important trend out of the top 5 software development trends discussed above. If you’re looking for cloud services, be sure to contact us today!

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