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Top 6 Chrome And VS Extensions For Backend Developers

Beginner or expert, the extensions you use to design your app are crucial. The codes must be user-friendly, scalable, and, most importantly: meet your needs. Staying updated with all the coding upgrades is another vital factor. If you need tips about code extensions, this blog is especially for you. Read till the end to find out the best six chrome and VS code extensions for backend developers.

Six Chrome And VS Code Extensions For Backend Developers And Why They Are The Best

Extensions optimize your responsibilities and boost your productivity. They allow you several benefits- some of them you may not even know about. Below we offer the six best extensions you can install on Google Chrome or use through the Visual Studio Codes.

These extensions are some of the must-haves for a web developer striving to design a fantastic web app. Plus, they further include built-in developer tools. That saves you from the trouble of installing more tools to use these codes and extensions.

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1. enables backend developers to edit and share their websites in real-time. As a backend developer, having to make changes to the website and waiting for a while for them to appear on the site can be frustrating.

Plus, modification in a website means opening the source code and making revisions there. However, with, you don’t need to open the source code or access it. You can use this code extension and modify the website without extra hassle. uses Chrome Developer tools and edits all the JS, HTML, or CSS coding in your website. You can even add a programming language apart from these three if you want. The extension allows such modifications as well. After your edition, you even receive a unique URL of your edited website too.

2. is an effective extension for every backend developer. It keeps you up-to-date with all the technological and coding advancements you need to know about your industry. The extension enables you to spend lesser time getting to know about tech developments across the world. This way, you can focus more on your coding and get the job done earlier.

The Chrome extension offers you all the trending news without you needing to search for it. This way, you learn about the things you may not have realized were relevant to your expertise. is an exceptional source to develop and expand your career as a web developer by reading content from high-quality sources.

3. ColorZilla

Color palettes and shades play essential roles in improving your site’s user experience. Web Developer is a vital tool that allows you to select the perfect color for your webpage. The extension analyzes the CSS gradient and assesses the overall page and the colors used.

You can use the extension to read colors, adjust them, and use them for other programs. The tool also offers seven already installed palettes that you can choose from.

In addition, the extension saves the color history and allows you to view all the shades you selected recently. That way, in case you’re comparing two shades and then find the earlier one better-suited, you can always view the color history to see which one it was.

In short, ColorZilla is a massive help for developers in performing all their color-related tasks.

4. JavaScript (E56) Code Snippets

JavaScript E56 offers you snippets that allow you to save a great deal of time and effort. Instead of typing the whole code two times, JavaScript E56 Code Snippets Extension sets a shortcut that enters the entire code for you.

You might afford to type the code for smaller web development projects. However, when it comes to more extensive and complex projects, the JavaScript E56 extension is a lifesaver. It offers snippets for JavaScript, Vue, HTML, and TypeScript Codes.

All you need to do is type in the extension’s name in the Visual Studio Code section and download the extension as it appears on your screen.

5. ES Lint

ES Lint enables you to stabilize your formatting as you code more eloquently. It observes your JavaScript coding, highlights the errors, and fixes those issues. You can even download the script to solve the mistakes identified.

f you don’t work on JavaScript, using the ES lint extension is a huge motivation to switch to the language right away. As you continue to write the code, ES Lint will silently work on editing it and pinpointing all general mistakes for you to avoid in the future.

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6. Auto Rename Tag

Auto Rename Tag does what the name suggests- it renames the tags you modify on your webpage. This extensive is adaptable for JavaScript, XML, HTML, and PHP. Time for backend developers is crucial. Without this app, changing the tag name twice is a lengthy process that takes more time.

Auto Rename Tag helps you name the tag once- either the opening or the closing one. The other is renamed by the Visual Code Extension for you automatically.

Final Remarks

Visual Studio code contains a plethora of extensions. The same is the case with Google Chrome. There are several extensions you can install and use on Chrome- some for free as well. But with too many options comes too much confusion.

Wash away your indecisiveness and select one of the six chrome and VS code extensions for backend developers that we’ve discussed above. Compare these six options and install the ones that work best for your web app. From to Auto Rename Tag, all six are beneficial to use. You can use these extensions to save your time, maximize your output and make back developing easier for yourself.

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