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Amazon AWS Storage Lifecycle Policy Design

Amazon AWS Storage Lifecycle Policy Design and Implementation Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage Lifecycle Management (SLM) is a service that helps you automate the process of moving data between different storage tiers in your AWS environment. With SLM, you can define policies that determine when data should be transferred to different storage tiers based on factors such as how often it is accessed or how long it has… Continue readingAmazon AWS Storage Lifecycle Policy Design and Implementation Service

What are the latest changes to the newest Kubernetes release?

The Latest Updates in Kubernetes 1.24

As the latest version of Kubernetes is already here, we look at some of the biggest changes the newest release brings with it and all the latest features. There are several new features that allow companies to securely use windows containers and take advantage of the numerous improvements in the supply chain security of Kubernetes. In this article, we will… Continue readingThe Latest Updates in Kubernetes 1.24

API testing with Cucumber

API testing with Cucumber

Testing Rest API services in Java can be complex if the appropriate tools are not used, even more so if they are automated. Indeed, these tests focus on the requests and responses generated and must test a series of aspects. Here’s a detailed explanation of testing and verifying a Rest API with Cucumber. Before that, let’s discuss what Cucumber is… Continue readingAPI testing with Cucumber

What Is ECS And EKS In The Data Science Industry, And What Does It All Mean?

Understanding ECS And EKS

Data is a valuable asset for many companies and organizations, and it is vital to keep your data safe. You need a secure cloud storage solution that can handle the amount of data you are storing and protect this information from bad actors. The best way to protect your data while maintaining easy access is through Amazon EKS or Amazon… Continue readingUnderstanding ECS And EKS

Auto-Sklearn and Auto-PyTorch

AutoML: Using Auto-Sklearn and Auto-PyTorch

AutoML is a relatively new technology that automates the process of machine learning. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that deals with the construction and study of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. AutoML takes away the need for human intervention in the machine learning process, making it faster and easier to produce… Continue readingAutoML: Using Auto-Sklearn and Auto-PyTorch

Troubleshooting network connectivity on AWS

Troubleshooting Network Connectivity On AWS

Understanding how to handle network connectivity issues is the top most practical skill to have while dealing with AWS. It’s almost certain that at some point along your cloud journey, irrespective of whether you’re a Developer, SysOps Engineer, or a Solutions Architect, network connectivity problems may arise. The ability to swiftly recognize and resolve network connectivity problems is an important… Continue readingTroubleshooting Network Connectivity On AWS

AWS Autoscaling Implementation

Amazon AWS Autoscaling Implementation Service

Amazon AWS Autoscaling Implementation Service is a cost-effective and reliable way to maintain the optimal performance of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Autoscaling ensures that your AWS resources are automatically scaled up or down based on demand, so you can optimize performance while minimizing costs. With autoscaling, you can also set alarms to trigger scaling actions based on specific… Continue readingAmazon AWS Autoscaling Implementation Service

A team is discussing business outcomes.

Ways an AWS EDP Can Deliver Value During Your Cloud Experience

Many businesses are signing up for the Amazon web services enterprise discount program, which offers many advantages at a discounted price for people looking to commit to using cloud technology solutions for many years. Customers are rewarded for committing to a long-term cloud journey, which is highly profitable for organizations because they can completely revamp their IT structures and optimize… Continue readingWays an AWS EDP Can Deliver Value During Your Cloud Experience