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AWS VPC design and implementation

Amazon AWS VPC Design and Implementation

AWS VPC: AWS is the number 1 globally used cloud service that offers more than 200 highly customizable features available from data centers around the world. It has become the top choice among government agencies, businesses, organizations, and startups as it helps drive innovation, improve agility, and minimizes operating expenses. SERVICE DISABLED VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS (SDVOSB) What is VPC?… Continue readingAmazon AWS VPC Design and Implementation

Microservices are essential for most websites now

Top 5 Most Innovative Solutions with Microservices

Innovative Solutions with Microservices: The introduction and common use of microservices for nearly all online platforms have enabled the internet to work more efficiently than ever. Microservices are now essential for nearly all websites to be able to handle traffic and offer instant gratification to all their users. What Are Microservices? Microservices are essentially the solution to every problem that… Continue readingTop 5 Most Innovative Solutions with Microservices

A man working on his laptop

Cloud Container Services Comparison of AWS, Azure, and GCP

Businesses across industries continue to adopt and invest in cloud containers to stay competitive and relevant. Cloud containers help deploy and run containerized applications. AWS, GCP, and Azure are industry-leading cloud-native container service providers that provide helpful resources to help businesses seamlessly manage and handle container complexities. So, this is a good read if you want to jump onto the… Continue readingCloud Container Services Comparison of AWS, Azure, and GCP

Benefits of using microservices for data analytics

Using Data Analytics With Microservices

Big Data sustainability is well known as a great difficulty – you can only dump a certain amount of hardware at an issue before it becomes overwhelming for the software to control or manage it all due to poor architecture. As DevOps approaches have been increasingly popular in recent years, a lesser-known idea called microservices has also gained traction. The… Continue readingUsing Data Analytics With Microservices

Why Structured Logging Matters (And How It Helps You Find Bugs Faster)

How Does Structured Logging Help You Debug Faster

When debugging an application issue, getting as much information as possible about what happened is essential. If you can see the entire sequence of events that led up to the bug, you’ll have a better chance of identifying what went wrong and coming up with a solution. Structured logging can help you do this by providing a central place for… Continue readingHow Does Structured Logging Help You Debug Faster

quantum computing is still in its infancy

Using Microservices in Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is already in its infant stages in the world, and even though the maturity of the systems will easily take a few decades still, there is no doubt that quantum computing is part of the overall future of computing. It is different from digital computing in many ways, the main difference being the use of qubits instead of… Continue readingUsing Microservices in Quantum Computing

Cloud computing mistakes are common but must be avoided

Common Mistakes Enterprises Make When Going to the Cloud and How to Avoid Them

Migrating to the cloud has been a crucial step in moving forward for most organizations. When you are moving your operations to the cloud for the first time and have no prior, concrete experience of switching over to cloud technology, some mistakes will surely be made. Many of these mistakes can be rectified over time, but in the process, they… Continue readingCommon Mistakes Enterprises Make When Going to the Cloud and How to Avoid Them

Data Represented in Visual Form

Visualizing Data in AWS with Quicksight

Amazon Quicksight is a service that enables businesses to easily deliver insights throughout the organization no matter where they are. It connects and combines the data from the cloud and other sources on a single dashboard, making it easy for you to organize, visualize and share it. The user-friendly dashboard enables you to include data from any source, including AWS… Continue readingVisualizing Data in AWS with Quicksight

A woman benefiting from cloud fluency program

How to Build a Fluency Program for the Cloud

Cloud computing is growing massively. This technology gives you the power and flexibility to set up a virtual office and connect with your business partners, team members, customers, and clients from any part of the world. The ongoing shift to cloud computing by organizations across industries shows that this entrant in the world of technology is not a fad but… Continue readingHow to Build a Fluency Program for the Cloud