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Amazon Web Services Concept to Well-architected

Cloud is custom and requires expert architecture to maximize capability and ROI


Highly available and fault-tolerant applications


Infrastructure as Code (IaC)with Terraform and CloudFormation


Scripting languages and coding


Multi-tier and multi-region applications


Best practices and recommendations


Align business objectives to architecture requirements

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CCT's AWS Architect

The cloud computing industry is growing at a meteoritic rate and provides excellent opportunities to organizations that are willing to build on their digital transformation efforts.

What Is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) refers to one of the major cloud platforms developed by the e-commerce giant, Amazon. It provides robust compute power, database storage, networking, enhanced security, and several other services. The vision behind AWS’ creation was to empower businesses of all sizes to scale up rapidly without breaking the bank.

Over time, various organizations chose AWS as their primary cloud services platforms. These include General Electric, Major League Baseball, and Pinterest.
Gradually, Amazon introduced new features in AWS, which includes encryption techniques, database engines, server configurations, and robust tools for big data processing. AWS also provides hardware security modules, security certifications, and encryption solutions, enabling organizations to improve their cybersecurity and repel cyber attacks.
Additionally, AWS also comes with controlling and auditing capabilities, such as CloudWatch, allowing companies bound by regulatory standards to comply with their industry’s requirements.AWS has over 70 availability zones – locations where its servers are housed.

Best Features of AWS

The best features of AWS are listed below.

Mobile Friendly Access

For mobile, there are two notable features in AWS.

AWS Mobile Hub

Supported by both iOS and Android, AWS Mobile Hub leads you to use the most compatible and appropriate feature for your business needs. It boasts a console that grants access to AWS services, including monitoring, testing, and developing a mobile app. Use it to choose and set app features, such as push notifications and content delivery.

AWS Mobile SDK

Your mobile app can establish connection to S3, DynamoDB, Lambda, and other services in Amazon.

Generative AI Software Integration

Boost your business efficiency with our custom Generative AI Business Software, tailored for HR, finance, sales, event management, and customer service. Leveraging advanced natural language processing and AI-driven data science, we specialize in customer segmentation, sales analysis, and lead scoring. Elevate your operations and gain a competitive advantage with our precision-driven AI solutions. Contact us to integrate AI seamlessly into your key systems and transform your business.

Why get AWS Architect with us?

  • 1Cloud Computing Design and Architecture requires in-depth consideration to achieve desired outcomes.
  • 2We have provided AWS Architect to Fortune 500 leading corporations, small and medium business, and Federal agencies for over 10 years.
  • 3No matter where our organization is located, we will provide you with the ​Architect you require for your cloud initiatives.

Our AWS Architect hold many of the following certifications:

AWS Solutions Architect Associate
AWS Solutions Architect Professional
AWS Design
Architecture Icons

Cloud Computing Design and Architecture requires in-depth consideration of the following to achieve desired outcomes:

  • Business Strategy and Objectives into Cloud Architecture
  • Business Processes incorporated into Cloud Architecture
  • Planning, Architecting, Engineering, and Implementing Cloud Architecture
  • Security, Compliance, Privacy
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Performance
  • High Availability and Fault-Tolerance
  • Monthly Recurring Costs
  • Migration Approaches
  • Digital Transformation
  • Next Generation Solutions
  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Hybrid
  • Compute, Storage, Database, CDN, Applications
  • Front End, Back End, Interconnectivity, Endpoints
  • Full Development Lifecycle
  • Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Big Data
  • Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris
  • Ports, Protocols, Middleware
  • Microservices Architecture
AWS Design Elements

Serverless Cloud

With Amazon Gateway and Amazon API, you have all the opportunity to run your code and scale it as per your requirements. Deploy your code easily through a mobile phone. There’s no need to manage servers, as AWS takes full control of your hardware and infrastructure through its promising IaaS and PaaS offerings.

CCT’s AWS architects can ensure that these apps deliver a robust and fluid experience. Hosting back-end development is dependent on servers, provision, and size. AWS Serverless Cloud Functions lets you pay full attention to the application development, whereas server management, as well as performing administration, patching, and scaling for the infrastructure is left to AWS.


With AWS, you can work with a wide range of databases. For instance, you can use relational database for transactional purposes, data warehouse for analytics, non-relational database for Internet scale applications, and in-memory data-store for real-time workloads.


Get acquainted with AWS Marketplace, an online store where customers search for the required software and purchase it.

Who Should Take Advantage of AWS?

The flexibility and scalability provided by AWS can be used by businesses and enterprises of all sizes, from large corporations to local small businesses. Surveys suggest that around 10% of the AWS user base belongs to the enterprise-scale category. Notable names include Netflix that has been relying on AWS since 2009. Organizations having large databases to manage and administrate as well as those who need large-scale service distribution should seriously consider calling CCT for AWS.
On the other hand, startups and small companies also find AWS beneficial, particularly when the copy their infrastructure directly into it, move to a cloud-based platform, or cautiously migrate to individual components of the AWS to generate valuable insights. AWS’ pay-as-you-go model lets SMEs and startups experience the platform so they can find out whether cloud is really the right solution for them. Contact CCT and find it out for yourself whether AWS is the best choice for your organization.
Cloud Architect Design

What Can You Do With AWS?

AWS offers organizations belonging to any sector or scale to develop contemporary applications. The applications created through AWS range from hyper-scale web apps to big data systems. Let’s have a brief overview of some real-life uses cases of AWS.

Social, Web, and Mobile Applications

AWS facilitates organizations to launch and expand applications, particularly, SaaS, e-commerce, and mobile applications. Traditionally, AWS servers were central to the development of many applications. Recently, companies are relying on server-less platforms to power their applications. This saves them from depending on OS and other forms of systems. With help from CCT’s AWS architects, you can write APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to build scalable and robust applications on AWS.
Other than their web applications, businesses can also use AWS cloud to host their websites. It’s a smart choice for hosting DNS, CDNs, and domains.

Big Data

AWS’ scalability comes handy when you need to run intensive data analytics operations. Minimal effort is needed to index AWS storage. This is why it’s ideal for building data warehouses and data lakes. With AWS, tap into the raw power of big data platforms to build and run smart systems.

Enterprise IT

At times, enterprise IT can be too slow. Factors, such as time-consuming procurement and server implementation cause IT operations to run slow. With AWS, organizations code, test, and execute secondary operations in the cloud, significantly increasing the pace of their deployments. Project speed is vital for acquiring a competitive edge, and with CCT’s guidance, you can develop it in no time.

AWS Consulting Services

Businesses find it challenging to migrate to a cloud-based platform, such as AWS as it takes considerable capital investment and time. Partner with an AWS consulting services company like CCT to make sure your migration is seamless and effective.

Experience and Agile Expertise

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In the last 15 years. AWS has outpaced several cloud platforms to deliver a world-class global infrastructure that ranks among the best. If you want to generate a positive impact on your business through AWS, fill up our form and send a query now.
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Frequently Asked Questions

An AWS Architect is a professional responsible for designing and implementing secure, scalable, and highly available cloud solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS). These experts possess in-depth knowledge of AWS services, architectures, and best practices, enabling them to design solutions that meet the unique requirements and challenges of businesses operating in the cloud. AWS Architects play a crucial role in helping organizations leverage the full potential of AWS to achieve their business objectives, whether it’s optimizing costs, improving performance, or enhancing security.
Essential skills and qualifications for an AWS Architect include proficiency in AWS services such as EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, and IAM, as well as expertise in designing scalable, fault-tolerant, and cost-effective architectures. Additionally, AWS Architects should have experience with infrastructure as code (IaC) tools such as CloudFormation or Terraform, as well as strong understanding of networking, security, and compliance principles in the cloud. Many AWS Architects also hold certifications such as AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate or AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, which validate their expertise and proficiency in designing and implementing AWS solutions.
Typical responsibilities of an AWS Architect include assessing business requirements and translating them into scalable and secure cloud architectures, designing solutions that optimize performance, cost, and reliability, and implementing best practices for cloud security, compliance, and governance. AWS Architects also collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure alignment with business objectives, provide guidance and recommendations on cloud-native technologies and services, and troubleshoot issues and optimize performance as needed. Additionally, AWS Architects may participate in pre-sales activities, such as client meetings and proposal development, to support business development efforts.
Businesses can benefit from hiring an AWS Architect in several ways, including accelerated cloud adoption, optimized infrastructure costs, improved scalability and performance, and enhanced security and compliance posture. AWS Architects bring valuable expertise and experience to the table, enabling businesses to design and implement cloud solutions that align with their strategic objectives and deliver tangible business value. By leveraging the skills and knowledge of an AWS Architect, businesses can unlock the full potential of AWS, streamline operations, and gain a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape.
Businesses can find reputable companies that provide AWS Architect services by conducting thorough research, seeking recommendations from industry peers, and reviewing case studies and testimonials from past clients. Additionally, businesses can leverage online platforms such as AWS Partner Network (APN) or AWS Marketplace to discover certified AWS Consulting Partners and Solution Providers with expertise in architecture design and implementation. When evaluating potential service providers, businesses should consider factors such as industry experience, certifications, customer references, and alignment with their specific business needs and goals.