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Cloud enabled Business Transformation

Cloud enabled Business Transformation is the result of business leaders creating new processes, procedures and organizational structures that leverage agility, speed, and flexibility in cloud computing. As the pace of innovation accelerates, the window of market challenges shortens, requiring the agile capability of cloud computing to detect and secure the opportunity. Agility is obtained from the rapid provisioning of a new compute and storage instance on the cloud in minutes versus the legacy approach of internal infrastructure investment that can often takes months. Further information available at cloud transformation. In addition, the time frame of concept-to-digital delivery also plays a role in how cloud computing can transform an organization through increased efficiency. When business leaders deal with digital delivery scale issues in a global environment, cloud computing is transformational in the aspect of outsourcing digital delivery, a non-core function. Finally, cloud computing gives businesses a level of flexibility beyond the legacy approach of internal infrastructure investment through accurate sizing of computing resources to the opportunity requirements. Essentially giving business leaders the control and confidence to not over-invest or under-invest resulting in a loss of the opportunity as it evolves over time.

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The purpose of cloud enabled business transformation is to deliver greater value to customers through strategic advantage in comparison to the competition. When business processes combined with cloud computing use are mutually optimized, the organization becomes transformed. Today and more so in the future, cloud computing will play a significant role as a component of value delivery in business operations.

Cloud enabled Business Transformation

Business Process Optimization – Integration of cloud technologies with business processes to enhance efficiencies and effectiveness
Value Delivery – The use of cloud computing to improve quality and reduce expense
Cloud Computing Revolution – Higher levels of cloud computing use in an Industry creating large gaps of strategic advantage between competing firms
Cloud Computing Advantages – Agility, Speed, Flexibility, Delivery, and Scale
Business Transformation – Redesign of business operations leveraging cloud computing advantages

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