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Do you have a creative flair inside you that does not let you sleep at night? Do you have strong coding skills that are restless to come out and be applied to amazing projects? Do you have experience with Cloud Software Development and a desire to be a part of an awesome team?

As a Cloud Software Developer, do you want your creativity, efforts, innovation, and hard work to make an impact and a difference where it counts?

Cloud Computing Technologies creates and offers advanced cloud technology to significant industries and private and public sectors, such as emergency services, ports, and resources across the globe. We are seeking an experienced Cloud Software Developer who can work on new projects and products that provide utility and resourcefulness to our customers.

As part of our team, we expect you to support us in developing a range of web and Windows applications for various enterprises across different industries. In return, you can expect a blissful and buoyant work environment that is awe-inspiring and growth-promoting in all aspects. We are here to play a significant role in providing abundant growth and fruitfulness to both our customers and our employees, and we never, ever lose sight of it.

The Role

  • You will be reporting directly to a Senior Cloud Engineering Manager.
  • You will support the ongoing creation and maintenance of our cloud services and the cloud platform itself.
  • As part of a cohesive and coordinated engineering team, you will be expected to take on software development through the use of infrastructure-as-code.
  • You will help and support our team in migrating our enterprise applications to AWS from our traditional data centers.
  • You will employ SRE and DevOps practices for all your operations.
  • You will be enabled with the opportunity to be involved in and influence our future roadmap by offering insights and making recommendations for the investment of our cloud assets.
  • You will help us and support us in uplifting and refining our platform.
  • Continuously learn and adopt best practices of the software development practices and processes throughout the product life cycle.

Required Skills and Experiences

As a Cloud Software Developer, you need to be an expert in all things cloud and equipped with a strong technical background. You should have a complete and deep understanding of AWS services and their implementation. You will be required to stay volatile and current with the cloud ecosystem’s changing states. You should be capable of quickly and effectively adopt the crucial practices and processes that enable you to continually improve the efficiencies of our operations.

Most importantly, you should have an inappeasable hunger for knowledge that is partnered with the ability to attain hands-on expertise pertaining to technological concepts and advanced technologies. You should also have a passion for software development that contributes to our ongoing automation of day-to-day processes and procedures and enables you to work cohesively with our lean and agile team.

You should not just be able to sustain but thrive in a fast-paced and agile environment and enthrall the drive to deliver successful results to the organization.

Specific Requirements

  • Software development experience (3 years minimum) that encompasses testing, development, designing, and implementation.
  • Ability to evaluate, analyze, and solve common as well as complex problems.
  • A tertiary Degree in software engineering or software development (or equivalent).
  • A mindset of a developer with the ability to focus, innovate, and create.
  • An attitude of flexibility and adaptability and a sharp focus on tasks at hand and end results.
  • Ability to learn technology and skills and implement them in future endeavors.
  • A strong ability and desire to collaborate and contribute to a team environment.
  • Effective and efficient communication skills.
  • Skilled in the development of C# GUI software in .NET
  • Competent in SQL, MVC, WPF, and Windows Forms.
  • Competent in REST APIs.
  • Competent in JIRA and other Agile management and development processes.
  • Skilled in architecture design, design patterns, and Software design principles (SOLID).
  • Experienced in working with AWS services through the employment of Infrastructure-as-Code.
  • Working, in-depth, and hands-on knowledge of CloudFormation.
  • Expertise in continuously integrated software development pipelines through DevOps practices.
  • GitHub, CodePipeline, and CodeBuild experience are preferred.
  • Experience in automation tools like Terraform and Ansible.
  • Coding experience in Python.
  • Solid understanding of AWS Well-Architected Framework and cloud security practices within the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark.
  • Ability to outline and develop highly resilient and secure distributed applications with the use of AWS services.
  • Experience within COTS, microservices, and web/mobile applications.
  • Experience in immutable infrastructure principles and zero downtime implementations.
  • Experience in administering both Widows and Linux covering systems development best practices.
  • Understanding of internet protocols and networking theory. HTTP, SMTP, DNS, TCP/IP, and distributed networks.

Why Choose Us?

At Cloud Computing Technologies, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work with an employer known for its gender equality, diversification acceptability, and high employee satisfaction rate.
  • Enjoy an inclusive work environment where each individual is valued and respected for their contribution and personality.
  • Embrace a culture that harnesses innovation and creativity above traditional ways and growth and quality above quantity.
  • Access a culture of recognition and appreciation with volunteer leaves, lifestyle leaves, competitive salaries, and various lifestyle and wellness offerings.
  • Company paid internet.
  • Health insurance and self-care allowances.
  • Student loan repayment.
  • Stock option grants.
  • New laptop of choice.

This is a unique, special, and rare opportunity to challenge yourself and professionally grow by working on amazing projects with one of the most innovative and dynamic technology companies in the global market. If you are seeking a job where you can have fun and learn by working with awesome and creative people in a flexible and supportive environment, Cloud Computing Technologies is your place-to-be.

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To apply for this job email your details to

Cloud Computing Technologies is an equal opportunity employer fully committed to creating a diverse environment. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.