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Most Dominant Business IT Solutions

2020 is a year where business executive have begun to take a more serious look at IT solutions to improve their company’s processes. The most common buzzwords that frequently get thrown around are Cloud and Mobility, primarily because they have the potential to bring about enormous changes for companies of all size such as growth, process improvements, mobility, ease of use, data accuracy, and overall efficiency.

We’ve identified the following 5 business IT solutions in Phoenix as potential game changers to finding the right business it solutions.

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1. Artificial Intelligence

The hype surrounding artificial intelligence continues to grow every year and many companies are naturally drawn to it. AI is proving to be extremely valuable as powerful business IT solutions in Chandler. AI can support three key business objectives: automating company processes, engaging clients and employees, and providing intelligence solutions through data analysis.

Among AI solutions, RPA is more advanced than any traditional automation tools because the robots behave like humans. Their tasks include:

  • Replacing lost ATM cards, updating records, and handling customer communication
  • Transferring client data into the systems of record
  • Using natural language tools to quickly go through legal and contractual documents and extract provisions

It is worth mentioning NASA’s experiments with RPA. The space agency implanted RPA pilots in IT spending, human resources, and accounts payable and receivable. Each projects worked extremely well. For example, in human resource, nearly 85% of transactions were completed without human input – and could be rolled across the entire organization. Today, NASA implementing more RPA bots, some more advanced than others.

2. Cloud Storage

These days, many startups and small businesses need instant access to their data, without overhead costs for hardware and storage maintenance. Cloud storage is a growing business IT solution in Scottsdale that can address many pain points for businesses of all sizes.

They are mostly ideal for covering the needs of several offices, remote workers, as well as creating regular backups of important data. It is now easier than ever to setup cloud storage and file sharing solutions with a wide range of services and solutions.

The ideal cloud storage solution should be accessible, traceable, and secure. Businesses are using new and creative ways of using clouds storage solutions, some use these services to pursue collaborative and file sharing features, others use them as document management systems.

3. Fully Integrated ERP Solutions

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software allows companies, both big and small, to consolidate data and streamline tasks. An integrated ERP solution can aggregate all your data into one database, allowing you to automate and manage several business processes using a single tool.

Integrated ERP systems cover a wide range of functions, from manufacturing to human resources. This allows businesses to control every aspect of their data seamlessly. By integrating data and information, managers can boost efficiency and make more informed decisions.

More importantly, teams and departments find it easy to communicate, access the same information, and complete assignments without the risk of interference. As an example, the marketing staff can access sales reports, sales staff can check inventory data, and executives can get a bird’s eye view of the business.

The best integrated EPR solutions offer independent modules that cover each of your business’s functions and departments. What’s more, these modules are connected to each other, and automatically fetch data from both external and internal sources, and storing it within a unified dataset. This streamlines workflows and eliminates the need for data-entry tasks. The end result is improved accuracy, and employees can find the data whenever they need it.

Your business may need ERP solutions if it is using various manual processes, such as Excel spreadsheets or tasks such as sales orders, inventory, and invoking. As your business grows, it will become harder to manage these data systems in a timely and accurate manner. Integrated systems can save time and money for businesses.

4. Mobile Business Applications

In order to stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast paced marketplace, it is important for business to achieve mobility. Many employees bring their smartphones and mobile devices to work, thus creating a shift in demand for BYOD policies at the workplace. Because of the growing mobile workplace, businesses are utilizing business applications to mobilize their most important processes and functions. These business apps can facilitate the sales team, executives, and employees working from out of office.

Mobile apps are also important when it comes to increasing the client base, brand popularity, and sales Over 80% of the population uses mobile phones to accomplish their day to day needs, whether it includes booking a ride hailing service, setting up medical appointments, or making online purchases.

Businesses that develop mobile applications can facilitate these customers and get ahead of their competitors. A modern business app can provide information about new launches, discounts, offers, and bookings with amazing efficiency. More importantly, business can now directly collect payments by integrating point of sale software in their applications.

Small Disadvantaged Business

Small Disadvantaged Business

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5. Big Data and Analytics

Businesses have to make major strategic and operational decisions that involve the analysis of several data silos. This can be an extremely difficult task when you’re dealing with large swathes of data across multiple departments. This is where big data analytics comes in, it allows the examination of large amount of data to discover hidden patterns and correlations to derive valuable insights so as to make proper business decisions.

Today’s modern business wants to be more data-driven and objective, and so they are embracing the power of big data analytics. At its core, big data analytic systems allow businesses to work faster and achieve the kind of agility that offers a competitive advantage to businesses. More importantly, big data analysis software has been decreasing over the years.

One of the foremost applications of big data analytics is to observe customer trends and patterns. This allows businesses to understand the motivations of customers and make the kind of decisions that foster loyalty. Theoretically speaking, the more data you collect, the more you learn about modern day customers. And by using big data analytics, you’re able to maximize the data that you’ve extracted. With a proper data analytics system in place, a business will quickly gain important customer insights that it needs to act to grow and retain their customer base.

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The Bottom Line for Dominant Business IT solutions

We believe that business of all sizes should explore the above IT solutions. There may be a few bumps along the road, but with the right planning and development, but business IT solutions in Mesa can bring about a new age of productivity, employee satisfaction, and prosperity.

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