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10ZiG Zero Client to AWS Workspaces PCoIP for Cloud VDI

Cloud computing offers many benefits. Secure virtual desktop computing is one of its latest innovations. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) bring the power and security of the cloud to your fingertips. However, the added expense of maintaining a fleet of local computers and the risk of being infected with various threats like viruses and ransomware make this model troublesome.
10Zig Zero Client is a type of thin client device optimized for VDI and DaaS with support for PCoIP, HDX, and RDP. Combining the best of security, high performance, and flexibility 10Zig Zero Client and Cloud Computing Technologies (CCT) can offer your business an amazing virtual desktop experience.
The 10Zig Zero Client lineup comes with a range of hardware and software options. With fully customizable solutions and excellent manufacturer support, 10Zig is the market leader in providing cutting-edge devices to suit businesses of all sizes and industries. CCT is highly experienced in planning and implementing business infrastructures with 10Zig Zero Client solutions. Feel free to contact us for a customized proposal.

What Makes 10Zig Zero Client Different from a PC?

10Zig Zero Client devices have many advantages over a PC. They do not require lots of space, and their energy usage is very low. They offer many long term cost benefits over PCs through reduced maintenance and upgrade costs.
PC maintenance requires much effort for security as there is always a new virus or a type of cyber-attack targeting them. There should also be a dedicated IT team just for these tasks. This also increases the overhead of businesses. Unlike PCs, 10Zig Zero Client devices have no operating system, and they are not vulnerable to cyberattacks. With 10Zig devices, your data is more than secure on the cloud.
Some variants in the 10Zig product line also offer CPU and Memory-less options. This reduces noise pollution and heat generated from your electronic devices.
10zig Zero Client AWS Workspaces

10Zig Zero Client and AWS WorkSpaces PCoIP VDI

AWS provides virtual desktop environments and application software through 10ZiG Zero Client devices. The IT industry’s adoption of AWS WorkSpace solutions continues to grow exponentially for both individuals and businesses. They are a completely agile and highly secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution.

Cloud Computing Technologies understands that you might be reluctant to integrate a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution with an expensive fixed subscription. This is why we recommend that you sign up for a pay-as-you-go plan and see how it works. You are only charged based on the number of AWS Workspace solutions you have signed up for and the duration of use.
With AWS WorkSpace solutions, you will enjoy a much simpler virtual desktop management experience instead of a complex VDI experience. Cloud Computing Technologies is here to provide you the guidance and training required to reach your full potential with AWS Zero Clients. Cloud Computing Technologies knows exactly how to secure your data and we take data protection and security very seriously.
With AWS WorkSpaces solutions, you are provided with a highly secure client to access storage and your desktops. In this AWS WorkSpaces Secure Client, a remote display protocol is incorporated and all data is transmitted in an encrypted manner. It is actually the screen image that is transmitted as pixels (primary units out of which images are formed) instead of the actual data in text form, so sensitive data is never transmitted. 10Zig Zero AWS Zero Clients are considered to be the ideal endpoint devices for AWS WorkSpaces solutions.

Significant Advantages of 10Zig Zero Clients

Businesses can greatly benefit from 10Zig Zero Client endpoint devices. They bring lots to the table, including lower capital and operational costs, high performance, lesser maintenance, and higher security.

Zero clients are ideal for businesses that are not yet ready to move into a full backend VDI solution, which can be complicated with long-term contracts and upfront commitments. Instead, businesses can enjoy cloud-based desktops through AWS WorkSpace Secure Client solutions with 10Zig devices. Virtual desktops give you secure access to your data, applications, and other resources at any time and from anywhere through 10Zig Zero Client devices.

The lineup of 10Zig Zero Client VDI endpoints devices fit all business requirements. They are updatable and upgradable without having to completely replace the hardware. 10Zig Zero Client devices are the perfect VDI endpoint solution for your business.
Cloud Computing Technologies is highly experienced in matching all your business requirements and planning and implementing the ideal infrastructure.

Competitive Edge with DaaS

Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) is a cloud computing feature that allows you to host the backend of a VDI in the cloud such as AWS WorkSpaces solutions. DaaS runs operating systems in remote servers enabling the support infrastructure, storage, and even network resources to reside in the cloud. Businesses can access these desktops through an endpoint device such as a 10Zig Zero Client.

DaaS also provides additional cost reductions by eliminating the need to invest in storage, hardware, and network infrastructure. Since DaaS is usually a pay-as-you-go solution, it also reduces further capital expenses of upfront subscription plans.

10Zig and AWS WorkSpaces Migration with CCT

Migration to Cloud is today’s tomorrow providing the businesses with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the cloud. Most businesses today are past the “what if” and are now stuck at “how fast can we migrate to the cloud?”.
Cloud Computing Technologies understands the best practices of migration and enables your business to accelerate cloud migration and achieve your goals and objectives sooner. We specialize in migrating businesses to AWS Workspaces. We provide you with a smooth transition experience without your business having to worry about any special tools, expertise, and above all, security. We will be with you at every step of the way, providing you a safe path to the cloud.

With 10Zig Zero Client devices as the endpoints and AWS WorkSpaces Secure PCoIP Client as your Desktop-as-a-Service solution, your business can quickly scale-up and with high ROI. Contact Cloud Computing Technologies today for a no-obligation 10Zig Zero Client proposal.

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