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Using Redhat Enterprise Linux is an excellent way to reach the cutting edge in your industry. Many organizations use it, and when combined with Cloud Computing Technologies (CCT), it’s a winning proposition no matter what kind of company you are operating. RedHat support is some of the best out there, so there won’t be any risk of not getting the features you want or not solving any problems you have when you need to make adjustments to what you’re doing.

RedHat open source technology has been tried and tested throughout all types of industries and is one of the most trusted choices today. Further information is available at RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Redhat Open-Source Software for the Enterprise

RedHat has a 10-year product lifecycle. This includes the Application Program Interface (API) and Application Binary Interface (ABI) compatibility, kernel stability, and many more features which are followed by an extended life phase.
You are automatically eligible to upgrade to the latest kernel with no additional cost if you have purchased RHEL once. Your business can enjoy all the latest features, fixes, patches, and improvements. As opposed to general software licenses policies, RedHat licenses are valid throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. RedHat also allows kernel patching, circumventing any system reboots or halts via Kpatch, which will be supported for 30 days.
Whether you’re new to RHEL, or you want more information, let CCT handle your concerns and make your RedHat journey great.

RedHat Specialized Features – More ROI

Newer releases from RedHat offer many specialized features in addition to its secure operating system. Some of the major benefits include:
  1. Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) – This is a feature that provides an additional layer of protection that constantly checks for malicious and defectively written codes.
  2. Firewall – RHEL provides firewall services that are enabled by default to improve security natively through Linux tools.
  3. RedHat Identity Management (IdM) – This implements a unified way to manage different policies such as authentication and authorization. This can be integrated with Active Directory to enable organization-wide policy management.
  4. Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) – KVM supports the creation of virtual machines and is enabled by default.
  5. Cockpit – This is an implementation of a web-based server administration interface. Cockpit enables easy resource monitoring and configuring. There also is a dashboard that shows traffic, accounts, diagnostic reports, and even SELinux stats.
If you have any questions about using these features or how you can benefit from them, get in touch with Cloud Computing Technologies now.

RedHat Support – Let’s Combine it with CCT

RedHat support teams have a reputation of ensuring customer satisfaction with personalized solutions. They are always ahead of the competition with quicker releases. Both their support and engineering teams work side by side to constantly upgrade their systems by converting customer feedback into product improvements.

Before upgrading to a major release of Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), businesses can request advice from in-house RedHat support engineers to ensure a smoother experience. The specialized and personalized support scheme of RedHat allows businesses of all sizes and industries to tailor their subscription to their independent requirements.

RedHat provides businesses with a rich and secure support system to innovate, scale-up, and deploy. RedHat also has different tiers to provide you with the right type of support that your company needs. Some tiers even give you 24×7 access to their on-call support engineers for your convenience.
Cloud Computing Technologies will always be your first line of support. We will guide you through RedHat’s award-winning customer portal and even provide you with all the knowledge, expertise, and guidance you need to make the most out of the RedHat product you have purchased through us.

Redhat Enterprise Linux with CCT

CCT understands that sometimes businesses are reluctant to upgrade their RedHat products to newer kernels due to unfinished on-going development work. As RHEL kernels get upgraded, the extended support for older kernels cease to exist and will no longer be maintained. It also means that there will be no fixes and patches unless the kernel is upgraded to a newer version.
Let CCT safeguard your older RedHat products with Cloud Linux until you are ready to move on. Cloud Linux support can be useful in extending life span to older kernels until companies are comfortable with moving on to newer versions. This ensures that even productions done in older kernels are still guarded within a secure Linux environment.
In technical terms, Cloud Linux maintains a hybrid kernel for an additional four years from the End-of-Life (EOL) date of each RHEL kernel. This also includes complete Cloud Linux support and maintenance for businesses that are not yet ready to upgrade. This also provides businesses with the option to upgrade to the second immediate kernel, skipping the one in between. Cloud Linux support will also have fresh package releases until the EOL of the hybrid kernel.
Let us provide you with extra time to do product porting and testing for mission-critical applications. Feel free to contact Cloud Computing Technologies to get the most out of your RedHat products.

One-click Application Deployment with AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides on-demand services to various scales of businesses and enterprises. Did you know that AWS RedHat Linux support is now provided through the AWS marketplace, and it has only grown stronger and steadier? Making it a huge convenience for businesses, AWS lets you engage with software vendors to find the best applications that suit everyone’s needs quickly.
AWS RedHat Linux support allows businesses to find, buy, and even deploy applications in one click to surpass their competition. Let Cloud Computing Technologies do all the heavy work of finding the best applications to suit your requirements. We will personally ensure that you get the best out of your RedHat subscription.
Contact Cloud Computing Technologies today for a no-obligation RHEL proposal! We specialize in planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining RHEL.
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Cloud Computing has taken the world by storm. Many organizations that thought they can build their applications with their know-how and tools have now started realizing the benefits of Cloud Computing. This realization has resulted in a steep increase in the adoption of cloud technologies.
At Cloud Computing Technologies, we take pride in guiding our customers through their cloud migration. We offer secure, scalable, and fully on-demand cloud services through our enterprise-level cloud partners like Amazon AWS.
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