LR145 Space Security Software Engineer I

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Space Security Software Engineer I, Cloud Computing Technologies Agile Development Labor Rate assist with many aspects of operations and software security engineering on the Cyber Security team. Contribute to the enlargement of open-source space security solutions through continuous research and research publications. Develop and interpret spacecraft security infrastructures, architectures, and policies.

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Space Security Software Engineer I, Cloud Computing Technologies Agile Development Labor Rate uses threat mitigation in third-party applications and services built for space embedded systems. Protect space software against malicious attacks. Identify security issues and the risks involved in space software used in aerospace vehicles and spacecraft products. Design, implement, and evaluate security-focused tools and services to ensure adequate space software protection. Develop and deliver software security training materials and perform general software security awareness and specific security technology training. Develop and interpret space software security policies and procedures. Assist with many aspects of space operations and space engineering on the Cyber-security team. Develop open-source solutions using Microsoft Azure and a number of different client and server technologies. Work with defense industries using classified documents that require a thorough knowledge of the Department of defense procedures for the proper usage and safeguarding of classified information. Ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the security elements within the space system software. Evaluate and propose new and emerging security products and technologies. Participate in incident handling. Take part in projects that develop new intellectual property. Space Security Software Engineer I require between 3-5 years of experience in software development. May have 1+ years of experience and focus on the area of cloud security. May be a certified Bachelor of science degree holder or its equivalence or higher certification level in technical-related certifications. Have the ability to keep a high level of confidentiality and sensitivity and ability to adapt to changes in both internal and external organizational environment. May be proficient in programming languages such as Python, C++, JavaScript, and relational database programming languages. Have experience in embedded software development technologies. Space Security Software Engineer I should possess a working knowledge of the software development life-cycle and activities in each phase. Experienced with formal software development practices, including the use of software version control, coding standards and naming conventions. Certified Secure Software Life-cycle Professional (CSSLP) preferred. Demonstrate excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, and oral presentations skills.

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  1. Contracting Officer (verified owner)

    CCT is a firm I’ve recommended and I will continue to do so. Dr. Alan’s team of Space Security Software Engineer exceeded our expectations in building securely configured data management systems that reduced our risk profile.

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