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Cloud architecture stands as a pivotal framework that underpins modern computing, enabling businesses to harness the power of cloud resources effectively. It encompasses the design and arrangement of cloud infrastructure, networks, and services to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and security. A well-crafted cloud architecture facilitates seamless data storage, smooth application deployment, and robust disaster recovery. With the flexibility of platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, businesses can tailor their cloud architecture to meet specific needs, whether it’s a public, private, or hybrid cloud setup. By embracing strategic cloud architecture, organizations can enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation, ultimately gaining a competitive edge in today’s digitally driven landscape.

Improve Efficiency With Intelligent Automation

Improve Efficiency With Intelligent Automation

The list of benefits that IA or Intelligent Automation offers to businesses and organizations is a long one. It is an automation that is based on software and allows enterprises to direct their focus on quality improvement and compliance, enhanced resilience of processes, optimization of outcomes of decisions, enhancement of the speed of processes, and reduction in costs. It does… Continue readingImprove Efficiency With Intelligent Automation

Cloud cost governance program

Implementing a Cloud Cost Governance Program

The overarching objective of controlling costs and long-term cloud cost management, as in any other area, is to optimize cloud costs using available finances, making the most of every company dollar. Most people believe that technology is the primary factor driving cloud success, but in truth, it all comes down to cost control. Many organizations discover that as “clutter” accumulates… Continue readingImplementing a Cloud Cost Governance Program

Minimize Common Supply Chain Risk with Cloud

Minimize Common Supply Chain Risk with Cloud

No type of provider can avoid the risks of a global supply chain today. Even with the growing addition of security across the supply chain, risks exist across ocean, land and air freight. These risks are often unavoidable and inevitable for global supply chain businesses since there is no way around them. A poor understanding of hazards and complications across… Continue readingMinimize Common Supply Chain Risk with Cloud

technical debt type

Managing Technical Debt – A Brief Guide

We’re all familiar with the concept of debt. Most economies around the world today are built around the concept of credit and debt.  A debt, simply put, is an obligation to pay an amount that you are receiving in the present. There are many reasons people go into debt, but the central principle is to fulfill an immediate need each… Continue readingManaging Technical Debt – A Brief Guide

Openshift that operates on Kubernetes

Why should you use Openshift that operates on Kubernetes without utilizing Kubernetes directly?

If you are familiar with the containerization of applications, you know that both Kubernetes and Openshift are two popular terms that come with that aspect. We containerize applications to ease the development, management, and deployment processes over numerous infrastructures. There is no doubt that you have come across the question of why we need to use Openshift that operates on… Continue readingWhy should you use Openshift that operates on Kubernetes without utilizing Kubernetes directly?

5G Does For Microservices

What 5G Does For Microservices?

5G has arrived, and the telecommunications industry is struggling to find the balance between commercializing 5G and evolving to prepare when it actually does. Amidst this ongoing process, many other industries have also struggled to adhere to the newest communications and computing technology standards in general. With the fifth generation of the mobile communication networks promising prominent change in terms… Continue readingWhat 5G Does For Microservices?

Save Cloud Spend

How does Kubernetes Save Cloud Spend?

Containerization of software applications is a major disruption of the decade in the IT industry. Software containers could automate deployment and management of multiple distributed applications across multiple physical and/ or virtual machines including the cloud space. In the meantime, the birth of Kubernetes could shift the developers’ focus and effort from managing machines to managing applications. Container Orchestration with… Continue readingHow does Kubernetes Save Cloud Spend?

Cloud Computing Consultant

How to Choose the Right Cloud Computing Consultant

Cloud computing is now the new paradigm for business workflow, thanks to its numerous advantages that it confers to users. Since implementing a cloud strategy is paramount for remaining competitive, business owners should know how to choose the right cloud computing consultant. Here are the qualities that you must look for to find the right cloud computing consultant in Mesa… Continue readingHow to Choose the Right Cloud Computing Consultant

Move Your Business to the Cloud

6 Reasons to Move Your Business to the Cloud

More and more companies are migrating their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. By 2022, around 28% of the spending in critical enterprise IT markets will shift to the cloud. While the digital age continues to evolve, companies face challenges that impact their processes and growth. Mainly, managers struggle to solve problems in a cost-effective way. Cloud computing has offered respite… Continue reading6 Reasons to Move Your Business to the Cloud

Cloud Implementation

4 Cloud Implementation Best Practices

In order to implement cloud services the right way in your organization, you should adhere to certain recommended practices. These include designing your cloud to suit your business goals and needs. It also means emulating and following the best practices of other successful companies. Here are the 4 best practices for implementing cloud computing in your organization. Unlock the future… Continue reading4 Cloud Implementation Best Practices