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The 10 Best Free Learning Resources on AWS for Beginners

The top cloud computing platform that is highest in demand these days among developers is Amazon Web Services. It has several advantages, such as making it possible for suppliers and programmers to deploy applications quickly and securely. It is user-friendly, along with many other things, and allows the user to choose the OS, databases, and programming language.

Nowadays, almost all technical job postings ask for an understanding of Amazon Web Services. Therefore, it is helpful for you to have an understanding of AWS before seeking a data science job. Understanding AWS is a crucial ability for anyone, whether they work as programmers, data scientists, engineers, DevOps, database administrators, data analysts, or managers. Even if a business employs a separate cloud provider, the fundamental ideas of cloud computing, networking, and storage are consistent among all suppliers.

Therefore, we have shared the 10 best free learning resources on AWS for beginners. So, let’s get started and improve your qualification and resume.

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Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services

Udemy offers a fantastic course on Amazon Web Services, and it is free. Thomas Haslet, a qualified AWS developer, teaches this course which includes the fundamentals of cloud technology and AWS. 

The target market of this course is those with no prior knowledge of cloud computing or Amazon Web Services (AWS) but who are aware of what hardware, servers, and databases are and why they are necessary. This course will help you learn key principles and also increase your computer language skills.

This course will answer all your basic questions like, what is AWS? What is Cloud? What are the advantages of AWS? What exactly are AWS cloud services? And many more. 

In other words, this is the ideal course for a beginner. You will be introduced to terms like RDS, S3, EC2, and VPC in plain English.

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AWS Fundamentals Specialization

The course is available at Coursera and offers an introduction to the features, advantages, and abilities of Amazon Web Services. You will learn about AWS’s core services, key security ideas, migration tactics from on-premises to Amazon web services, and the fundamentals of creating cloud hosting apps with AWS in this course. You will get an understanding of the foundational elements of AWS, such as Virtual Private Clouds, Availability Zones, and Regions, as well as how to employ the AWS console in order to access the company’s computing, security services, databases, and storage. 

AWS – Learning and Implementing AWS Solution

Another of the best programs for learning Amazon Web Service is available for free on udemy. It adheres to the idea of learning via experience and real-world situations, and this is reflected in its course.

Even though the training only lasts for two hours, the content is dense and compelling. Dhruv Bias, the teacher, never engages in flippant conversation; he only ever means business.

You can get lots of information about what AWS is, what problems it addresses, what advantages it has, and why you should understand it by reading the preview chapter alone.

Getting Started with Cloud Security

You can gain a fundamental grasp of cloud security; the AWS shared responsibility architecture, and compliance in this course from AWS Solutions Architects. This training encompasses a number of AWS services, including AWS Security Hub, AWS Guard Duty, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon VPC, Amazon S3, and lots more.

Zero to Hero AWS Course

This quick but very practical AWS course will show you how to use the AWS interface to carry out a typical operation. You will discover how to build a WordPress website centered on the Amazon EC2 server within only two hours.

Additionally, you will discover how to build a NodeJS-based web app, send emails using AWS SES, upload files to AWS S3, Amazon’s storage service, and lastly, discover how to build and link to an AWS relational database.

In essence, this course is excellent if you want to master how to use the cloud to run your program or if you are using AWS to run your app, and all of this for FREE.

Tutorial for AWS Deployment – AWS for Beginners

A practical introduction to the AWS cloud computing platform is available in a 4-hour video from freeCodeCamp on YouTube. You can discover how to launch an app, set up an AWS account, start utilizing the cloud platform, a wide budget range of applications, and more.

AWS Certification Training Resources

This curriculum, which is accessible on DigitalCloud for free, is made to support you while you work toward your AWS Certification. In-depth AWS reference materials, practice tests, blog posts, and video lessons are all included in the lessons, which are a collection of free programs for the AWS certificate course. You will be better able to comprehend cloud computing and get ready for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test, thanks to this.

Migrating to the Cloud- AWS Fundamentals Course

The goal of this four-week program is to move workloads to AWS. Evaluating your present system, planning the migration, choosing familiar AWS services to use throughout the migration, and carrying out the migration itself will be your main concerns.

Optimizing on AWS – AWS Developer

This program aims to help you while you work on AWS and optimize your apps and is accessible on edX. Topics covered include ways to improve efficiency using containers like Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), as well as remote monitoring like Amazon CloudWatch and cache services like Amazon CloudFront.

AWS Official Training Website

The main certification and training website, which has a ton of free information covering both the theoretical underpinnings and practical ramifications of utilizing particular services, is perhaps the greatest source if you want to grasp AWS fully.

This is highly recommended, particularly if you intend to pursue certification since there are numerous courses created exclusively to help students get ready for certification exams.

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Understanding cloud computing is becoming more and more crucial, and you can find over a million courses out there. However, the ones we have shared are extremely useful as they cover several important aspects of cloud computing and AWS. A platform like Udemy and edX are highly recommended because of their course layout and instructors who are dedicated and provide ample information to help you excel in the field of AWS and cloud computing.

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