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November 2023

Here’s how to incorporate security into Terraform

How To Incorporate Security Into Terraform

Implementing and overseeing cloud resources has become much more efficient and simpler than before, and we have infrastructure as code (IaC) to credit for it. Thanks to IaC, monotonous physical configurations and one-off scripts are now out-of-date. In its place, you can now run an organization with code in the same way you would applications and services. The infrastructure ranges… Continue readingHow To Incorporate Security Into Terraform

Benefits of using microservices with Artificial Intelligence

How to Leverage Microservices With AI

Microservices are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. According to the majority of development experts throughout the world, these software solutions are expected to be the next default service architecture within the next five years. Looking even further ahead, virtually every expert expects microservices to become their company’s primary software architecture. How Microservices Can Help A microservices strategy, at its foundation,… Continue readingHow to Leverage Microservices With AI

Microservices have replaced monolithic structures

Microservices As The Most Capable Innovation Tool

Microservices have revolutionized the online world as we know it by increasing efficiency and making the development of agile systems a greater possibility than it ever was before. Microservices made fully monolithic structures outdated and reintroduced entirely new structures for websites and applications based on decoupling and hybridization instead. We now have entire teams in IT departments that are assigned… Continue readingMicroservices As The Most Capable Innovation Tool

The differences between AWS Glue and Amazon EMR Serverless

AWS Glue vs. Amazon EMR Serverless

AWS offers many tools for big data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) analytics and processes, which include AWS Glue and Amazon EMR Serverless. Even though these two tools have similarities, there are some major differences that define them both. Amazon EMR Serverless was designed by Amazon for analytics, while on the other hand, AWS Glue was designed to work alongside… Continue readingAWS Glue vs. Amazon EMR Serverless

MFA is crucial to Zero-Trust security

Multifactor Authentication With Zero-Trust Systems

Zero-Trust systems are rising in popularity as threats to cyber security become more and more sophisticated and comprehensive. Many organizations are still apprehensive about adapting Zero-Trust principles in their technology since it takes away from the seamless experience for employees and could hamper the smooth workflow. However, just like all other systems, Zero-Trust is also slowly becoming more comprehensive. An… Continue readingMultifactor Authentication With Zero-Trust Systems

Close up photo of AWS programming

AWS Secrets Best Practices

You must grasp the distinctions among the wide range of services that AWS provides if you want to become an expert in the AWS cloud. To make sure that your account architecture is extremely secure and risk-free to use, you also require full knowledge of how to utilize security services. Nothing is given a higher priority than security, and AWS… Continue readingAWS Secrets Best Practices

VoIP solution

The VoIP Transformation for Medium-Sized Enterprises

VOIP Transformations: For ages, businesses have put their communication requirements and trust on a single strand of copper wire. This trend saw businesses invest their money in traditional phone systems connected to the local telecom representative and are operated through a physical phone management system. Telecommunication engineers and personnel from the in-house team would routinely oversee the physical phone management… Continue readingThe VoIP Transformation for Medium-Sized Enterprises