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Are you concerned about the logistics of your cloud implementation?

Cloud is a vital and strategic differentiator. Organizations attempt to deploy customized applications as a strategic differentiator to drive operative efficiencies and growth. A multitude of operational inefficiencies impedes conventional application development and deployment. A larger investment in platforms and infrastructure has increased time and raised costs needed for delivering solutions. Meanwhile, the overall value offered to businesses remains minimal. This is where the cloud comes in and provides a strategic opportunity to use tried-and-tested platforms for accelerating time-to-market in an affordable way.

Regardless of the model you choose as a cloud service, we provide the support you are looking for. From legacy integration to solution design, we have got you covered.

Deployment of cloud computing technologies needs several of the typical project development and deployment disciplines, such as business-focused training, effective stakeholder engagement, and good project management with minor changes specific to cloud implementation.

Our implementation services assist clients in quickly achieving the business targets for using cloud strategy. We provide assistance with planning, evaluation of the existing system, development, validation and verification, deployment, and support.

CCT’s proven methodologies and tools offer a 360-degree view of every implementation activity, which ensures that you can focus on your core competencies.

For modern organizations, it is essential to run cloud systems by achieving affordability, scalability, resilience, and security. Lack of prowess and competence is costly – it affects your bottom line and increases operational costs.

Therefore, it is paramount to your success that you contact a reliable cloud services provider, such as CCT, for cloud implementation services. We adopt a holistic approach for infrastructure problems by keeping the existing architectural approaches and modern realities of investments in mind. We make sure you get to utilize a scalable cloud environment by merging elemental components, like availability, system and network designs, and SSO, with migrate software to prevent any hindrance to your company.

CCT provides dynamic delivery models with timely cloud implementation to sustain business growth. We deploy a delivery model that includes world-class and cutting-edge private or public cloud offerings and data centers. This can assist you in hosting multi-tenant enterprise services, virtual data centers, and virtual data desktops.

CCT’s experienced engineers can facilitate businesses with swift cloud implementation by preventing potential roadblocks and minimizing disruption.

While you leverage our services, we follow these steps:

  • Specifying business requirements.
  • Conducting a critical analysis of the cloud environment
  • Documenting an in-depth overview of drivers that move to the cloud.
  • Determining the number of users utilizing the solution.
  • Installation, configuration, and deployment of cloud services.

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At CCT, we prioritize cloud implementation that scales well over time and adopt a host of technologies targeted at providing seamless computing. Here is what we offer.

Application Containerization

Containerization is application-specific and lets applications run on dedicated environments. By doing this, you no longer need a machine for deploying and running your applications. Let us containerize your apps with state-of-the-art scalable capabilities.

Automated Release Management

Your release management process is automated. CCT offers a blend of workflow management, environment modeling, and automation capabilities. This way, we enable teams to deliver software responsibly and reliably within deadlines.

Backup and Cloud Server Implementation

These services entail identifying integration requirements, assessing customization requirements, and eventually end at deployment to shield your organization by keeping the sensitive and critical files safe.

Cloud Managed Services

Our CCT professionals are proficient in the design and development of trending cloud technologies. Adopting industry best practices, we aid our clients in realizing their value proposition and place emphasis on their organization’s security, confidentiality, technology, process, and people.

Colocation Implementation

We offer affordable implementation services that entail all the critical steps. We also offer an implementation manual guide for easing the process.

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)

It is a process wherein you automate the complete process of software release. The goal is to perform CI/CD by automatically making preparations and monitoring releases to production. The desired result is to ensure that individuals with suitable privileges are empowered to deploy releases at any time. Overall, productivity reaches new heights once manual procedures are eliminated.

Dedicated Cloud Implementation Services Team

A dedicated group of engineers, who excel in handling the entire cloud infrastructure, are assigned to your case.

Modular Cloud Implementation

Our services ensure that clients can build modular cloud services cost-effectively and effortlessly. While offering these services, we offer complete automation through infrastructure, which eliminates the drawbacks of manual implementation.

Security Optimization

CCT’s practices and technologies allow companies to keep their electronic data and computer systems protected. A capable team of certified security analysts and engineers are included in our teams. These experts have several years of experience in architecting sophisticated security processes for the cloud.

Server Monitoring

CCT offers monitoring tools that aid you in monitoring servers. In fact, we make it possible to monitor your complete infrastructure. Our experts will send intensive reports related to capacity planning for maintaining the network without any hurdle.

Cloud-Native Implementation

Our cloud-native implementation can assist you in configuring your application’s cloud infrastructure from scratch. A cloud-native implementation is your golden opportunity to migrate from monolithic architecture and switch to microservices for a meaner and leaner software development cycle.

Whether you are looking to work with a public cloud or a private one, CCT’s cloud implementation services can make sure you benefit from a secure and successful deployment.

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What clients say about Cloud Computing Technologies

"CCT's diverse skills and expertise has reduced our technical debt by millions of dollars to which we have reinvested into future capabilities."
Mrs Hanson
Mrs. Hanson
"With CCT migrating our critical systems into the AWS, 80% our staff is now remote working."
Mrs Miller
Mrs. Miller
"CCT showed us how to meeting regulatory compliance in AWS Landing Zone and greatly improved our cloud security controls."
Mrs Wilson
Mrs. Wilson
"CCT provided our agency with application rationalization services and successfuly applicaton migrations meeting all KPIs and SLAs."
Mr Smith
Federal Agency
"I highly recommend the data science team at CCT. They are technically proficient, great communicators, unbiased, and reduced our false positives by 68%."
Mr Brown
Mr. Brown
"The team at CCT is knowledgable and insightful in developing a cloud architecture leading to our mission success."
Mr Robinson
Mr. Robinson

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Implementation Services involve the process of designing, deploying, and managing applications, data, and services on a cloud platform. These services can vary from basic cloud setup to complex cloud-based application development and integration.
CloudComputingTechnologies.AI has a team of experts who can guide you through the myriad choices of cloud platforms, assess your business requirements, plan a tailored cloud strategy, execute the implementation process, and provide ongoing support and optimization.
Absolutely. Cloud platforms offer advanced security features and comply with strict international data protection standards. With effective implementation and management strategies, the cloud can be safer than traditional on-premise systems.
Cloud Implementation Services offer numerous benefits such as cost efficiency, increased flexibility and scalability, robust data security, and improved ability to innovate. Plus, cloud technology enables seamless remote operations, a must in today’s business scenario.
Definitely. With cloud services, you can easily scale up or down the resources as per your business requirements. It eliminates the need for substantial investments in IT infrastructure for scalability.
Cloud migration involves assessing your current infrastructure, planning the migration strategy, implementing the deployment, and then testing for performance and security.
Yes, you can opt for a hybrid cloud model, where part of your IT infrastructure remains on-premises while other parts move to the cloud. This provides a balance between cost efficiency and meeting specific business needs.
Connect with us through our website or make a call to us. Our cloud experts are ready to understand your requirements and guide you to the right cloud solution for your business.
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