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Four Essential Things to Know About the Azure Government Cloud

Azure government cloud is a mission-controlled cloud environment that is specially created to meet the security and compliance of the US government. It focuses on delivering advanced innovations to the government and their partners.

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This cloud is only accessible to the tribal, local, state, and federal governments of the US, including the Department of Defense. All the operations of the Azure government cloud are controlled and managed by strictly screened US citizens.

Four Crucial Things to Know About Azure Government

Here are the four essential things to understand about the Azure Government cloud:

  1. Azure Government vs. Global Azure
    Azure Government provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud services that are based on similar technologies as the Global Azure.

    If an organization has lower compliance requirements in terms of public sector privacy and security standards or if an organization has most of their content and services for public consumption, then global Azure would be an ideal choice over Azure government.

    The significant difference between Azure government and global Azure is that the government has a sovereign cloud. This cloud is a separated physical instance that is only dedicated to the workloads of the US government. It is exclusively built for all agencies and partners of the government.

    Here are the two things that make

    Service Set
    Global Azure offers more services compared to the Azure government. However, certain services in the Azure government have elements as well as limitations that aren’t available in the global Azure.

    Compliance Standards
    Compliance standards are usually what make businesses decide on the right cloud system and when these standards should be increased by utilizing Azure government offerings.

    Whichever cloud method businesses want to employ, regardless of the audit scope and service sets, it might take a simple thing like the type of information being managed and stored to decide which option is the right one.
  2. Ways Azure Government Fits into Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Architectures
    Typically, combining a cloud platform and a traditional network creates a hybrid cloud model. However, having multiple cloud sources in two or more Microsoft offerings, like Azure government and global Azure, is also referred to as a hybrid choice. Moreover, combining offerings of cloud platforms from different vendors, like Amazon and Microsoft, creates a multi-cloud.

    Many businesses have started using the “all of the above” method. Your company might have Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or your business realize diversifying in cloud providers would be highly beneficial. In this case, your business can create a multi-cloud by combining GCP or AWS offerings with Azure government.
  3. Benefits of Azure Government Cloud
    It is a separate instance offered by Azure for the US government and their partners. The Azure government cloud has an innovative infrastructure with strong networking capabilities across eight regions in the US, including two regions at Department of Defense Impact Level 5. It also provides the feature of data replication throughout the regions to ensure the continuity of the business.

    Azure Government cloud provides unparalleled performance, high security, and world-class compliance built in the architecture of the US government. Here are some of the significant benefits that organizations can enjoy:

    Flexible Agile Technology
    Azure Government cloud provides flexible solutions for effective engagement with the citizens or consumers through consistent scalable and interaction solutions. It allows the possibility of tailoring the environment through multiple options across services, tools, and platforms. It enables businesses to create the cloud based on their needs.

    Simple and Easy Solutions
    The Azure Government implements simple solutions allowing businesses to focus their attention on other important business areas. The government cloud offers a user-friendly experience that can work seamlessly across multiple devices.

    Enhanced Flexibility
    This cloud system is built to ensure that the varying needs of the business are managed on the platform. It offers multiple solutions that meet various requirements and is backed up by an experienced and highly-qualified support team.

    Higher Computing Possibilities
    Innovative computing solutions in this cloud platform are powered by a sophisticated government cloud system that is unparalleled in other systems. Businesses can utilize advanced storage and analysis tools to uncover and use new data insights.

    The cloud system is backed by AI functionality that allows businesses to collect valuable data regarding operations and solutions with a range of innovative tools to improve overall processes.

    Advanced Mission
    It offers you the opportunity to utilize the power of IoT devices, deep learning, and analytics to attain actionable insights. It innovates the processes of government rapidly by providing customized solutions to improve end results.  

    Trustworthy System
    Microsoft invested billions and decades in research and development to create a highly advanced and reliable system, which means it is one of the most trustworthy cloud systems available in the market.

    Modernized Trusted Cloud
    It comprises advanced and modern security for the security and protection of sensitive information, hardware, and applications. It is an environment that is created to surpass the highest requirements of compliance and security.
  4. Businesses Eligible for Government Cloud
    Azure government is exclusively offered to three major groups:

    Entities of the US Government:
    • Federal Agency
    • Federally Funded R&D Centers
    • Regional or Interstate Government
    • State or Local Entity
    • Tribal Entity
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Partners of the US Government:

  • Serving customers of the government through different contracts, like GSA
  • Offering solutions or services to customers of the US government through indirect or direct contracts

Private Commercial Entity with Information Subjected to Regulations Under:

  • Controlled Unclassified Information
  • Criminal Justice Information
  • Department of Defense Impact Level Data
  • Department of Defense Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information (UCNI)
  • Department of Energy
  • International Traffic in Arms
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Small Disadvantaged Business

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The Azure government cloud is a constantly evolving cloud platform offering a wide range of services to improve the efficiency and productivity of businesses. It is exclusively created for the US government and its partners. With the growing expectations and demands of the US government, the Azure government cloud strictly maintains the compliance and security of the platform.

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