Why Does Cloud Make IT More Efficient?
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Why Does Cloud Make IT More Efficient?

How and why does cloud computing make IT more efficient? That is a question that more and more businesses are looking for the answer to ascertain if they should also migrate to the cloud and leverage the cloud technology. To better understand the answer to the question, let us first take a look at what cloud computing is.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing can be defined as a set or combination of servers within the cloud that are virtual. The primary function of these servers is to provide their clients and users with infrastructure, storage, applications, and services over the internet. The utilities that cloud computing offers are scalable and flexible and look to modernize IT applications and operations. In other words, cloud computing is the provision of computing power, data storage, and other computer system resources that is available on-demand and mitigates the need for the users to actively manage them.

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How and Why Does Cloud Make IT More Efficient?

Cloud technology offers a number of beneficial efficiencies to IT systems and the teams dedicated to managing them. However, these efficiencies can be different according to the specific needs of different businesses. In general, the cloud provides IT networks of a business the technology and resources as well as policies that save them huge costs pertaining to the procurement and maintenance of IT equipment and servers. The cloud technology is capable of autonomously powering down physical servers and assigning relevant resources as per the demands and requirements of the IT structures. The resources and tools that the cloud offers follow a pay-as-you-go model. This means that businesses only pay for the services and the volume of a service that they actually utilize.

Furthermore, cloud computing saves energy costs as well by virtualizing telephony, desktop clients, and servers. What is even more, is that this energy efficiency can be further enhanced by using thin clients for the purpose of telephony and computer activities. When an IT system ditches a physical PABX phone system to move to a virtual one, the pressure on the cooling systems also reduces, saving even more energy costs.

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Economies of Scale

Arguably economies of scale are the most major point in answer to the question, ‘how and why does the cloud make IT more efficient?’ Businesses that leverage cloud computing has the opportunity to spread their expenses over a server base that is huge. This way, they can afford to hire individuals that are dedicated and focused on improving the efficiencies of IT even more. The dynamic technology and digital markets and the rapid pace at which the changes are occurring in them require businesses to have teams that are devoted to IT efficiency.

Aggregation and Diversity

Businesses that are on the cloud are able to benefit from enhanced utilization of equipment due to the diversity aspect of cloud computing. The higher the number of users is, the higher is the level of diversity among users that allow for a wider spread of computing loads. Cloud-based data centers have over 30% to 40% server utilization rates, while traditional ones have 5% to 15%.


Cloud technology leverages the abstraction of physical IT assets from layers that are virtual. This means that the installations of the cloud utilize different techniques that separate the physical server characteristics from the software. This plays a huge role in minimizing the total costs and allows for your servers to be redesigned for optimization. This drops several costly features pertaining to energy. For instance, in case of physical servers being down, the software can route around them, mitigating the need of having two power supplies for every server. This means that a server being down does not affect the delivery of IT services.

Furthermore, cloud computing allows an organization to mitigate the need to address issues head-on, which can be extremely slow and complex and sidestepping them instead. The facilities department usually pays the electricity bills and is disconnected from the IT department that is responsible for server purchases, causing operational problems. When you opt for cloud computing instead of an in-house data center, you can have a single budget that is managed by a single individual with clear responsibilities.

Cloud technology providers have made it much easier for businesses to pick up their credit cards and procure cloud services, tools, and resources instead of waiting for their internal IT teams to resolve issues. Cloud computing allows for much better and more powerful economies of scale as you can do away with the impediments to take action and enable the economies to start benefiting you. The above-mentioned IT efficiencies are major reasons why more and more companies and businesses are being pressured into adopting the cloud. The supporting equipment’s capital cost, added with energy savings and economic advantages, constitutes mitigation of huge expenses that can act as a difference between the failure and success of IT operations within a business.

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Now that you know the answer to the question, ‘how and why does cloud make IT more efficient?‘ we hope you will be convinced to take on the journey towards the cloud. However, it is extremely important to choose your cloud technology and services partner wisely, as only experienced and specialized ones would enable you to extract the true IT efficiency benefits that cloud computing has to offer. The best cloud computing service you can go with is Cloud Computing Technologies. The technology giant is AWS certified and serves a huge number of businesses and organizations operating in several different sectors and industries, along with many government-level ones. Get in touch with CCT today to not only start benefiting from the IT efficiencies that cloud technology offers but also to make your operations and processes more modern and efficient and to enhance your business’s productivity as well as profitability.

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