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Zero Trust Better Than Lock Down

Why Is Zero Trust Better Than Lock Down?

Traditionally, protecting valuable IT resources like user data and intellectual property was heavily based on perimeter security strategies. The IT industry dominated the operational business world with firewalls and other network-based security elements and tools. These security strategies were mainly used to inspect and provide authentication & validation for users going in and out of the network firewall. Fast forward… Continue readingWhy Is Zero Trust Better Than Lock Down?

Site Palette is one of the best six Chrome and VS code extensions for backend developers

Top 6 Chrome And VS Extensions For Backend Developers

Beginner or expert, the extensions you use to design your app are crucial. The codes must be user-friendly, scalable, and, most importantly: meet your needs. Staying updated with all the coding upgrades is another vital factor. If you need tips about code extensions, this blog is especially for you. Read till the end to find out the best six chrome… Continue readingTop 6 Chrome And VS Extensions For Backend Developers

Top 5 Secure Coding Methods

Top 5 Secure Coding Methods

When you hire a construction team to build you a high rise, you expect them by default to ensure every precaution and safety while working and once the building becomes functional. You don’t want a caution tape on the front door telling people that the structural integrity of the building is compromised and hence, deemed unusable. Interestingly enough, software developers… Continue readingTop 5 Secure Coding Methods

5G Does For Microservices

What 5G Does For Microservices?

5G has arrived, and the telecommunications industry is struggling to find the balance between commercializing 5G and evolving to prepare when it actually does. Amidst this ongoing process, many other industries have also struggled to adhere to the newest communications and computing technology standards in general. With the fifth generation of the mobile communication networks promising prominent change in terms… Continue readingWhat 5G Does For Microservices?

All application development companies should adopt modern application development best practices

Five Modern Application Development Best Practices

The last few years have seen significant changes in the way modern application development companies deliver utility and value to their customers. The pace of the changes they make to their services and products has also accelerated. There used to be a time when only technology companies were tech companies. But now, every company, in all industries, is becoming one… Continue readingFive Modern Application Development Best Practices

Kubernetes Zero Trust Architecture

Kubernetes Zero Trust Architecture

It is generally agreed upon that the internet and networking capabilities have changed how we live more than any other development over the past few decades. It has opened up new ways of doing business, new frontiers for different cultures and societies to interact, and revolutionized how we see the world. Most companies today utilize the internet and networking to… Continue readingKubernetes Zero Trust Architecture

Including AI is one of the top 5 software development trends that software houses should invest in!

Top 5 Software Development Trends You Need To Follow Today

IT industry is the sector that experiences evolutions every passing second. The best way to expand your clients is by showing that you’re different from your competitors. Let your uniqueness shine through as the software development techniques and procedures you implement. The best way to begin is by understanding the top 5 software development trends. 2021 and 2022 software industries… Continue readingTop 5 Software Development Trends You Need To Follow Today

Cloud Helps the Environment

Cloud Helps the Environment

After the computer was founded, there has been no looking back in terms of technological advancement. We have made great breakthroughs and progress in the field of Information Technology, and the pace is still not slowing down. In fact, it is accelerating. The impact? More utility, ease, and services for consumers and more utility, ease, and revenue for businesses. But… Continue readingCloud Helps the Environment

Leverage Domain Driven Design for Microservices

Leverage Domain-Driven Design for Microservices

Among many of the software development approaches, Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is a strategy that eases communication, improves flexibility, and emphasizes Domain over the interface. Domain-Driven Design focuses on the growth and evolution of programming a domain model that has a strong knowledge of the methods and rules of a domain. It carefully structures the business domain in software. The Domain-Driven… Continue readingLeverage Domain-Driven Design for Microservices

How Cloud Improves Broadband Affordability

How the Cloud Improves Broadband Affordability

Over the last 20 years or so, the traffic of global data has increased more than a thousand times. The speed of data travel can reach up to 200,000 kilometers per second. The global data infrastructure supply chain is seamless and breathtaking, and improving it can help ensure that the people in poor countries get equitable access to all the… Continue readingHow the Cloud Improves Broadband Affordability