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AWS GovCloud the Best for Embedded Systems

The AWS GovCloud platform provides advantages beyond what ordinary cloud computing provides.  Thus, embedded systems can benefit from AWS GovCloud due to inherent advantages like robust security, superior performance, 24/7 availability, and more. 

The use of GovCloud for embedded systems brings substantially greater simplicity, high performance, better functionality, reduced development time, and seamless performance.

With the AWS GovCloud, embedded systems developers find it much simpler to create IoT applications using the FreeRTOS architecture.

Low-power small devices can benefit from the real-time operating system FreeRTOS. AWS maintains the FreeRTOS kernel, free open source software that embedded systems have leveraged for over 15 years.

AWS took over the FreeRTOS project and updated it with an MIT License, augmented security, and connectivity libraries.

AWS provides additional pre-configured examples that device manufacturers can leverage. Using these free open source examples, embedded systems developers can expedite the ease of the workflow for IoT applications meant for microcontrollers that operate using the Armv8-architecture for the FreeRTOS kernel. The multi-threading FreeRTOS kernel is MIT licensed and includes pre-configured new examples that support STMicroelectronics, NXP, and Nuvoton running on Arm Cortex-M23 hardware and the Arm Cortex-M33 hardware. Thus users can make use of several different hardware environments for embedded systems development.

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GovCloud Advantages for Embedded Systems

Cloud computing is a model that allows for on-demand access to a network of configurable IT resources like servers, networks, services, and storage applications.

Being able to store, monitor and analyze data remotely is critical for embedded systems. There is the choice to either make your own back-end server network along with associated software or make use of sophisticated cloud-based systems like the AWS GovCloud, where the solution has already been developed and optimized for superior performance and seamless functionality.

Amazon Web Services provide a long list of superlative benefits that can greatly augment and enhance embedded system performance. Thus, AWS GovCloud should be a priority for embedded systems where consistently high functionality is desired.

Here are some of the benefits of AWS GovCloud for embedded systems.

Ease of Use

With AWS GovCloud, vendors, ISVs, application providers, and embedded system developers can rapidly deploy their applications in the most secure manner possible. The AWS GovCloud computing model is developed for utmost ease of use, making it easy to host both SaaS-based and existing applications.


With AWS, you can choose from a wide array of services, databases, web application platforms, programming languages, and operating systems. The AWS GovCloud provides a virtual environment where you are free to load all kinds of software and services as per your requirements. For existing applications, the migration progress becomes simplified and smoother. In addition, users still retain the option to build new solutions to augment existing solutions.


With security being a top concern and priority for embedded systems and IoT devices, it has never been more important to select the platform with unmatched security. The AWS GovCloud is designed to provide top security for the most sensitive and mission-critical data.  

AWS GovCloud gives you the confidence and control you need to handle your critical data and applications in the most secure manner possible. AWS GovCloud uses cutting-edge network architecture and cutting-edge data centers to host customer information. This approach provides your embedded systems and IoT devices with the high level of security that they require in an era where security breaches and attacks are increasing exponentially.

Thus you can fulfill compliance and security requirements to mitigate the risk of data loss and lawsuits. Your data and applications can benefit from confidentiality, protection, and locality, which help meet security requirements.

AWS automates several security procedures so that you can focus on innovation rather than mundane tasks. You further accrue cost savings benefits since you are paying only for that capacity that you are using.

AWS is currently the only commercially available cloud service vetted and accepted for securely hosting the most critical top-secret data and workloads.

High Visibility and Full Control

The AWS GovCloud gives you full control and visibility over your data and applications. You are in full charge and can thus manage who accesses it, what their privileges are, and what they can do with your data and apps. With such highly granular access control, you can maintain the highest level of data security and more easily comply with legal requirements.

You can also monitor your data in real-time for peerless visibility.

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Deeply Integrated Services for Automation and Risk Mitigation

Since security tasks can be automated for optimal configuration, this greatly mitigates the risk of potentially devastating human errors. Instead of channeling your precious time, energy and resources on security, you can automate it using the AWS GovCloud. Doing so will leave you free to manage other key areas of your business so that it can thrive. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have entrusted critical data and workloads to a proven tried-and-tested system that securely hosts top-secret information belonging to the intelligence community.

You can use a rich assortment of integrated services to automate key tasks in an optimal way. Taking advantage of this, your security experts can liaise and collaborate more closely with operations and development teams so that code development and deployment can both be expedited.

Top Security Suites and Standards

AWS GovCloud maintains full vigilance to ensure the highest level of privacy. The model provides the most secure infrastructure where you are in full command of your data at all times. Thus you are free to manage data, transfer it and encrypt it at will.

Before data leaves AWS GovCloud’s secure infrastructure, it is fully encrypted automatically at the physical layer.

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Conclusion why AWS GovCloud Best for Embedded Systems

With unprecedented security, flexibility and versatility, it is no wonder that AWS GovCloud best for embedded systems.

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